Paris Inspired Bedroom For Under $2,000

The Parisienne Bedroom for under $2,000! The total for all of the pieces shown came to $1,921 before any taxes. All of the pieces shown are available for you to recreate this design in your home. The budget includes the bed, the mattress and the bedding. If you already have a mattress and frame, the total cost will be even less. The Checklist with pricing and the links to each piece is below.

Paris Bedroom 2

Let me tell you about the design. The artwork that is in the middle of the three prints is the inspiration for the room. Everything in the room ties back to the artwork. 


The headboard is made with a white vinyl. I like it because it’s easy to clean. Have you ever had dust build up along the top edge of the headboard? It’s hard to clean off of fabric and over time it’ll become discolored. So vinyl it is. There is also a solid navy version that is made with fabric I think if you really prefer fabric. 


The bed frame is 18 inches high so you can fit 30 gallon storage bins under the bed. There is a special longer bedskirt that goes with the frame and you don’t need a boxspring, just a mattress. I have the bedskirt, and it has 4 clips that hold the skirt to the frame at the corners. Full disclosure, the skirt sags in between the clips. I fixed this by using those large metal clips for holding documents together. 1/2 inch-3/4 inch thick binder clips will work to keep the skirt from sagging in the middle. One more thing, the bed frame doesn’t squeak when you move around. 


 If you already have a mattress that you love, you can skip this paragraph. The mattress that I chose is really comfortable, it has great reviews and it’s very affordable.  

The bedding shown is only available in twin, full and queen, in case you already have a king size bed – the design plan is ruined! Just kidding. I’ve include a king size bedding set in the checklist for you.


These were the most affordable nightstands that I could find that were substantial enough for a queen or king size bed. A common mistake that people make is having a nightstand that is too small for the bed. This one is the right size and it has tons of storage. 


The overall width of the nightstands and the bed equal 114 inches, but let’s say 118-120 inches wide (10 feet) so you have room in between the nightstand and the bed for the comforter to tuck between. Make sure that you have a wall long enough in your bedroom.

The dresser has similar details to the nightstands, but it isn’t too matchy, matchy. I personally would change out the knobs for something crystal and feminine. I know Hobby Lobby has a great selection of knobs if you have a store close to you. I think Target also has crystal knobs that they sell in a pack. 


The curtains are very feminine, and they’re affordable. I’ve included a link for curtain rods too in the Checklist. 

ruffle curtains

Double check the height of windows too. Most curtains are 84 inches in length. If your windows are taller than that, you’ll need to search for longer ones.

The full length mirror and the wall mirror are both from Kirklands. They have great prices, and sales, and coupons. If you sign up for their emails, you can get additional discounts. I’m not getting anything to tell you that, it’s just been my experience. 

full length mirror

Wall Mirror

So the bench ties in with the blues in the artwork and provides a place for you to sit other than the bed. I’ve also included additional seating with a white vinyl chair that matches the headboard. If your bedroom is on the small side, you can choose one of these instead of both. 

benchChair 2


The lamps are just sweet and petite, and perfect for the room.


The final element in the room would be paint. I pulled two colors from the artwork. The lighter pink color is a perfect compliment to the style of the room. The darker navy would be a very bold choice. You could do a focal wall in the navy, which would be the wall that the headboard goes up against. The white headboard would really pop with the navy wall behind it. If the navy is too much, you could just do a couple of navy accessories. If you have trouble finding exactly what you are looking for, maybe consider finding accessories that you can paint navy. 

paint colors

That’s everything. The checklist is below. I will continue to check the links to make sure that they don’t become invalid. If you notice a bad link before I do, please gently comment, and I’ll fix it right away. Everything should have free shipping, or free ship to store for you to pick up. I hope this helps make decorating your home a little easier. Until next time. 

Big hug,


Parisienne Bedroom Checklist

  1. Queen Size Foam Mattress $198
  2. Queen Size Bed Frame with Storage $110
  3. Queen Size Headboard $166
  4. Queen Size Comforter & Shams $65
  5. King Size Comforter & Shams $80
  6. Queen or King Sheet Set $17
  7. Queen Size Bedskirt for 18 inch Frame $18
  8. 2 Nightstands $183 each = $366
  9. Dresser $340
  10. 2 Lamps $40 each = $80
  11. Tufted Bench $130
  12. Free Standing Mirror $80
  13. Wall Mirror $60
  14. 1 of 3 Artwork $30
  15. 2 of 3 Artwork $30
  16. 3 of 3 Artwork $30
  17. Artwork Frames 2 Sets of 2, $14 each = $28
  18. Chair $87
  19. Ruffle Curtains 2 @ $33 each = $66
  20. Variety of Curtain Rods to choose from $15-$20 each

Total = $1,921



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