Green Envy Living Room For Under $3,500


Green Living Room



Hi there, Thank you for stopping by.

I’ve always loved the color green. Especially now that I live in the desert, I need green. This design is for all the green lovers out there. There is a Checklist below with pricing and all of the links to buy each piece shown.

Hey, that gold bowl looking thing is actually the coffee table. Here is a better reference photo of it next to a couch. There’s something about it that I like. It’s also on sale for $300, from $499. I don’t know how long the sale will last, so let me add another option…

drum coffee table

Here is another coffee table option just in case the original option above is no longer on sale. The one below is $330, but it has storage inside. Let me tell you,  these tables are expensive. I got lucky when I spotted the original. There are some similar tables for $4,000.

Drum Table $330 2

Okay, one more table option. Not as big, not as high, not as shapely, but it’s $124.
Gold Coffee Table $130


I see the walls for this room as white, because the look that I was going for was sunny and bright. If you wanted to go more moody and dark, you could paint the walls a medium to dark gray, and switch the gold pieces for dark brown wood pieces and black curtains. The lamps could stay, the accent chairs could be switched with a dark gray or black. I’m just telling you this in case you already have some dark wood furniture pieces, you could work them in. I’ll create an actual design like the one I am describing soon.

Oh! I almost forgot! Let me tell you about the rug. I have this rug. I love the rug. It’s soft and plush. It’s perfect for this color scheme because it had gold in it. You can’t see it until it’s in the light. It will only work if you have tile, wood, or vinyl flooring. You can’t put it over carpet, like I did. It gets warp ripples from people walking across it, shifting the carpet, and because furniture anchors it in certain places – warp ripples. I couldn’t find anything online about how to prevent this from happening.

wood print rug

I love the accent chairs. Funny thing is they weren’t my first choice. Long story, doesn’t matter, these are better than the other ones.

cream velvet chair


I can’t think of much else to say about this design except that I really, really like everything about it. Just the thought of having to water and nurture those plants makes me happy. Important Tip: A few years back, I killed a couple of plants, (completely involuntarily of course) and I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Then a friend with a glorious 7 foot plant in her home helped me figure it out. She waters her plant once a week. Once a week?! In the desert?! Turns out I was over watering because I thought they needed it being in the desert and all. My plants have done wonderfully ever since I’ve instituted a once a week watering policy for my indoor plants. I whisper sweet nothings to them too. I like to think that they enjoy it.

As always, the pricing for each item may change. Some of the items were on sale when I put this design together. Most of the items have free shipping, and if the price I listed is more than the item actually costs, it’s because I saw taxes and/or shipping charges and I added them in. I will check the links to make sure that they don’t become invalid and update them if they do. If you find a bad link before I do, please gently comment and let me know. P.S. Part of the reason I started doing this was to make it easier for people to recreate design inspiration. I found countless bad links when trying to decorate my own home using inspiration that I found online. I love Pinterest, but it’s the worst for dead end links.

Until next time.

Big hug,


Green Envy Living Room

Green Velvet Sofa $825

Cream Velvet Chairs $360 each, 2 = $720

Ugh. I noticed that the chairs went up in price to $446 each at the link above. Here is a second source that has a current price of $402, which is a little better.

Second Source for Cream Velvet Chairs $402 each, 2 = $804

Green Pillows $17 each, 2 = $34

Gold Hammered Metal Coffee Table $300

Option 2 Gold Coffee Table $330

Option 3 Gold Coffee Table $124

Gold Metal Nesting Tables $126

Gold & Glass End Tables $217 each, 2 = $434

7’10″x10’6″ Wood Print Rug $203

Curtains $5 each, 2 Panels = $10

Curtain Rod $15

Gold Lamps $65 each, 2 = $130

Round Wood Frame Mirror $60 each, 2 = $120

40×30 Green Swirl Art $130

20×20 Green Path Art $18

20×20 Frame $38

Indoor Palm Plant $30

When I last checked the link above, it showed that it was out of stock. You can scroll down on the page to “Customers also bought these products” there are several similar plants.

Fern Plant $25

Silver Bay Plant $31

Set of 3 Planters $26





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