French Country Living Room Designs

French Living Room 1 of 3.png

French Living Room 2 of 3

French Living Room 3 of 3

December 24, 2017 Hello, thank you for checking out my latest design(s). My last post was a French Country Dining Room, and I knew that I needed to do a living room to match. All of the pieces in the designs include links for where to buy and their pricing down below.

I chose to create 3 different designs with pieces in a variety of price ranges, and sizing. Big room, little room, big budget, little budget, you should be able to find what you are looking for. You can also mix and match between the designs to get the look that you like best.

The first design has muted green and neutral tones.

French Living Room 1 of 3

The second design below has bright pink tones with black to balance the femininity. 

French Living Room 2 of 3

The third design has blue tones. This is a nice balance to the femininity of French Country as well.

French Living Room 3 of 3

The artwork is all from Etsy. Botanical art is classic French Country. Just a heads up, the set of 12 art cream and green botanical images has 6 images that were used for the dining room design in my last post. 

french country art

The sofa options are in a variety of sizes to fit any size room. Chesterfield designs are very popular now. They’ve always been a classic that never goes out of style, and they were very expensive until their popularity created a vortex of affordable knock offs. I have a question. Do you think that when Mitch and Cam on Modern Family bought a Chesterfield sofa is what started the mainstream popularity? Hmm.

french country sofas

The rugs were chosen to tie all of the colors together. Don’t use them if you have carpet floors, which most people have by the way. I seems like everyone has wood floors, but not really. Anyway, an area rug will ripple up near furniture legs if it is laid over carpet. I know this because this is my life at the moment. I love my area rug, but I have to remove all of the furniture on it every now and then so the ripples flatten out. 

area rugs

I wanted to talk about the paint swatches that are shown in each design. I create those colors just by pulling a color from some of the pieces in the room. Most of the time when I pull a color it is too dark for a wall color and I have to lighten the hue.  So if you are going to paint your walls, always go lighter than you think. You also want to make sure the colors are muted, not bright. The dark shades are good for small pieces.  french country paint colors

I chose a variety of coffee tables. If you look closely at the designs, you’ll see how the rectangular shaped wood coffee table is matched with the sofa to fit in a small space. The square shaped ottoman is matched with the sectional because it fits perfectly with it’s shape. The tufted top vintage storage boxes fit well with the couch with chaise sectional. I personally prefer ottomans as coffee tables, because they are soft and comfortable to put your feet up on. 

french coffee tables

Sidenote: 1/8/2018 I just found these ottomans. They are similar to the the set of ottomans above, and they are much more affordable. I’ve added them to the Checklist.

lower priced ottoman

I’m going to divert from the main story here for a moment to share some thoughts. Most people play it safe when it comes to furnishing their home. Dark leather or faux leather sofa, brown, black, and beige. It hurts me every time I walk into a home and see the same old, same old. I get that most people are on a budget, and/or they have kids and pets and they need the durability of  faux leather. I have old bed sheets that I keep on my sofa and chairs, that I take off when company comes over, or when I feel like living on the edge. That’s me, I’m a risk taker. But that’s how I keep my furniture nice. Scotchguard Fabric Protector is good too. I think it’s worth the trouble to have furniture that I love.

Now, the end tables. I’m not going to lie, they’re unusual. I wanted to take you out of the typical matchy, matchy stuff though. I love unique pieces that are also functional. I did throw in one end table that matches with the black wood coffee table though.

french end tables

The accent chairs were all chosen to tie the colors together in each design. 

french accent chairs

I’ve added settees as well in case your space has the room for them. Most of the French style settees had light colored wood, and it was hard to find ones with dark wood details to go with the rest of the wood details. 

french settees

Okay, let me show you the pillows. I’m partial to lumbar pillows, can you tell? Again, these were chosen based on their color, and how well they tie the colors together from the other elements in the room. 

french pillows

The mirrors that I chose all have French style to them. The two that are turned horizontal can be turned vertical if it fits better in the room that way. 

french mirrors

              Wall panels are classic French Country. 

french country wall panels

Here are the medallions that I chose for wall decor. Fun Fact: You could use these in a Tuscan design too. 


Wall Shelves are a nice way to display pictures. Rather than putting pictures on a table, you can put them up out of the way where they are less likely to be broken. Unless you have a cat, in which case you just have to accept that your pictures will get broken at some point. 

french wall shelves

Wall sconces are a really nice way to create romantic ambiance in a room. Just don’t burn the house down. Battery operated faux candles are good.

french wall sconces

I found this TV cover by accident, and it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces. I love that you can cover the giant black hole that a turned off TV creates. It’s a little pricey, and I’m not sure I like paying as much for the cover as I paid for the TV. If you are handy, you could make your own. 

TV cover

The curtains are linen look fabric. I chose affordable curtains. The grommet rod openings aren’t French Country, but the linen/burlap is, and I chose them to bring a little masculine into an otherwise feminine space. 

french country curtains

Here are the wine cabinets and credenzas. I’m not crazy about wine storage, but there is something about that wine cage. Maybe it’s too Tuscany for French Country, but you might be able to get away with it.  I love the bow on the mirrored wine cabinet also. It really is all about the little details. The uniqueness of a space is what makes it truly beautiful in my opinion. 

french cabinets

Table Lamps are imperative to any interior design. I personally prefer the flexibility of a 3-way lamp. (That sounded naughty) They can be a bit tedious to turn on and off though. (That sounded naughty too) I recently discovered that if you buy a bulb that isn’t the right wattage for a 3-way lamp, it will only have one light setting, so check wattage limits on the lamp and the bulb.

table lamps

Here are the accessories. You can put flowers in the pitcher. The bust and the glass decanters are my favorites. The bust has a similar feel to having a vintage globe in my opinion. 

French Accessories 3

Here are the trays that I’ve chosen for the designs. These have a lot of function.  They are meant to go on top of the ottomans that double as coffee tables to create a flat service for drinks and such. They can also be used when you entertain. 

serving trays

I almost forgot the topiaries! Buying these can be tricky. Some can look really plastic and fake so keep that in mind. The big one on the right has LED lights. I stumbled across it, and I included it because it’s a great price for how big it is.

french topiaries

I also wanted to include some wreaths. I’ve seen these many times in French Country designs, and they are typically hung in front of a mirror from a ribbon. I like the look, but I’m torn about whether to cover a mirror. I suppose if you found a weathered mirror that you can’t really see into anymore, it would be okay.

French wreaths

As usual, I will update the links if they go bad. If you happen to find one before I do, please gently let me know in the comments. The pricing may vary because several pieces were on sale. I’ve seen them go up and down in just the time that it takes me to pull the design together and then create the Checklist.

Most items free shipping, but some may have taxes. Make sure that you sign up for email updates in the links when it offers a discount so you can save some money. I know it’s a habit for me to close those pop ups, so I wanted to remind you. 

Make sure that you measure your space, and give 24-36 inches for walking around room. Each piece will have dimensions. Occasionally, I find a piece without measurements. I try not to use those if I don’t have to, and I also try to use pieces with 4 or more stars out of 5 stars. There are some pieces that haven’t been rated yet. I would recommend looking into return policies just in case pieces don’t fit well together. I try to make sure the scale of everything is right, but you don’t really know for sure into it’s in the space. I hope this helps make your designing easier. 

Big hug,


P.S. 1/8/2018 I just checked all of the links to make sure that they are still valid, and I noticed that a few of the prices went down, but a few more went up. I’ve left the prices as is so you would know whether you should wait for a something to go back on sale, or whether you should buy it because it’s at a lower price. When I choose the pieces, I always search for the best price, so if you notice it’s less than what I listed it at, it’s a good deal. 



12 Cream Botanical Prints $150

6 Pink Botanical Prints $100

6 Blue Botanical Prints $100

8 x 10 Frame $10 each

11 x 14 Frame $12 each

Sofas & Sectionals 

Chesterfield with Chaise Sectional $1,680

Tufted Sofa 84″ $960

Chesterfield Sectional $1,409

Area Rugs

Green and Gold Rug 8 x 11 $368

Pink Area Rug 8 x 10 $165

Gray Ivory Blue 8 x 10 Area Rug $167

Ottomans & Coffee Tables

Tufted Ottoman Top Boxes $230 each, 2 = $460

Option 2 Ottoman $60 each, 2 = $120

Black Wood Coffee Table $295

Charcoal Tufted Ottoman $163

End Tables

Set of Round Tray Tables $109

French Thin Leg Tray End Table $282

Black Side Table with Tray $178

Black End Table $270

French Pedestal Tray Table $119

Accent Chairs

Distressed Wood Chair $213

Coral Pink Accent Chair $306

Navy Blue Accent Chair $306

Settees & Loveseats

French Settee $410

Light Taupe Tufted Settee $405

Tufted Settee Gray or Navy Blue $244

Accent Pillows

Green Velvet Pillow $17

French Burlap Crown Pillow $9

French Postal Pillow $18

Blue French Pillow $43


French Distressed Wood Mirror $214

Gold Rustic Mirror $284

The mirror listed below doesn’t appear to be available anymore? (Sobbing sounds) I tried and tried to find something similar, but couldn’t. The link below will show you several mirror options in many styles though. (More sobbing sounds)

French Distressed Mirror $192

Wall Panels

Wood Wall Panel $147

Cream Wall Panel $77

Black Wall Panel $88


Distressed White Medallion $73

Gray Wall Medallion $51

Black Wall Medallion $63

Taupe Wall Medallion $111

Wall Shelving

Distressed White 36″ Wall Shelf $30

Rustic Wood 36″ Shelf $63

Distressed Shelf with Corbels 22.5″ $51

Curtains & Rods

Khaki Curtains $20 each, 2 = $40

Cream Curtains $23 each, 2 = $46

Gray Curtains $20 each, 2 = $40

Best Priced Curtain Rods $15-20 each

Entry Tables, Credenzas & Storage Cabinets

French Wine Cabinet $520

Distressed Green Chest $528

Entryway Table $142

Steel Wine Cabinet $400

Mirror Front with Bow Cabinet $480

Black Cabinet $210

Table Lamps

38″ Slender Gray Table Lamp $53 each, 2 = $106

Mercury Glass Table Lamp $45

Dark Bronze Table Lamps Set of 2 $70

Distressed Carved Table Lamp $60 each, 2 = $120

Cream Distressed Table Lamp $30 each, 2 = $60

Graywash & Gold Table Lamp $45


Metal and Glass Sconce $35

Rustic Metal Sconce $20 each, 2 = $40

Curled Metal and Glass Sconce $48 each, 2 = $96


Mercury Glass Votives Set of 12 $20

Round Table Clock $28

Decorative Metal Sculpture $20

French Bust $50

Iron Clock $26

French White Pitcher $22

Mercury Glass Bottles Set of 3 $52

TV Cover

Wall Mounted TV Cover $599

Serving Trays

French Bordeaux Serving Tray $19

Distressed Wood Serving Trays Set of 2 $47

Paris Serving Tray $42

White Serving Tray $28


Topiary with Metal 17″ Tall $45

Double Topiary 19″ Tall $35

Single Topiary 24″ Tall $40

Triple Topiary with LED Lights 39″ Tall $40


Grass Wreath $35

Cotton Twig Wreath $25

Round Boxwood Wreath $45

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