French Country Bedroom Design

French Country Bedroom 1

December 29, 2017 Hello! Before I start, I wanted to share a thought that I had just as I was about to fall asleep last night about interior design. Maybe someone has already thought of this analogy, but it just came to me. Think of interior design as you would think of putting together the perfect outfit. Interior design is essentially the same.

The large furniture pieces are the dress, or pants and a blouse, the smaller furniture pieces are the jacket. The flooring and area rugs are the shoes, the wall décor is the handbag, the curtains are the scarf, the accessories and lighting are the jewelry, and the ceiling details are the hairstyle. Everything must tie together for the outfit to work. The same is true for designing a room. The fabrics, the style, the size and fit, it all needs to work together for an interior design to be beautiful.

So, if you have trouble imagining how an interior design will come together, see if comparing each piece in a room to the pieces of an outfit will help.

This French Country Bedroom Design has all of the links and pricing to buy each piece. FYI, I have also designed French Country style living rooms and a dining room if you’d like to take a look at those too. You can also mix and match the pieces from those rooms into a bedroom design if you’d like.

The design itself is the most expensive design I’ve created for this blog so far, coming in at just under $10,000 for the king size version, which includes everything, even the mattress and boxspring. It’s a lot, I know. I will create another design soon that is a little more affordable.

I wanted to say though that when I searched “French Country” anything, I saw a price jump. I would guess it’s the popularity of French Country, but maybe it’s just French style designs, they are more ornate and detailed, so more expensive quality.

I love how the design turned out though. It’s very soothing and romantic and old world. 

Okay, let’s start with the artwork which are vintage scenes from the French Countryside. I went back and forth with whether to use silver or gold frames. The gold is very French, but the silver makes sense with the cool gray tones of the distressed wood. The silver frames were too washed out though, and I went back to the gold. It’s best.

French country bedroom art

I chose the area rug because it ties in with the colors in the art perfectly. I don’t think you could get any closer of a match. I love how it has bright yellows and oranges and greens. I’ve included a couple other options for rugs in the Checklist below if you’d like something a little more muted.

French Country Bedroom Area Rug

French Country Bedroom Area Rug options

The paint colors are pulled from the art and the bedding. I then lighten them up a lot so they aren’t too deep otherwise they will shock the eye. The bed should be the main focal point of the bedroom (the dress) and everything else in the room should compliment the bed, not pull focus. A dark color would pull focus. 

French Country Bedroom paint

The wallpaper made sense for this style of room. If you decide to tackle wallpaper, I would recommend doing just one wall, the wall that the bed will go against. You’ll want to hire a professional for this instead of trying to DIY. It’s something that takes a lot of skill and practice to be good at.

French Country Bedroom wallpaper

The bed is definitely a statement piece. It comes as a complete set, all you need is a mattress and box spring. I’ve included links for those as well in the Checklist.

French Country Bed

The nightstands offer additional storage, which I love and they’re in proportion to the size of the bed. There is nothing worse than seeing a big bed with a tiny nightstand next to it.

french nightstand chest

The dresser is similar to the nightstands but it isn’t an exact match. I don’t like the matched set, and I think that the whole set thing is just a way for the retailer to sell you more.

french country dresser

The mirror above the dresser has a distressed wood frame. I tried to put a gold framed mirror above it, but they didn’t work well together.

French dresser mirror

The wall candle sconce is a great way to create a romantic ambiance in the room.

gold sconces

The tall mirror is a floor mirror or you can mount it on the wall a few inches above the baseboards so you will still be able to see yourself from head to toe.

Gold floor mirror

The distressed wall panel with metal details is a French Country detail to add interest to the room.

French Country wall panel

The blue wall carving is classic French. It comes in several colors, I chose the blue to tie in the colors from the artwork rather than going with another wood piece.

French Country Blue eall panel

The lamps that I chose are mercury glass, and they pair nicely with the bed.

french lamps

The desk has classic French details, and the round back chair is also French.

French Country desk & chair

The accent chairs… They weren’t my first choice, but these looked more way more comfy and soft than the original pair that I chose. I’m glad that I changed them. I matched them with a smallish distressed side table.

French Country bedroom chairs

The gold detail chandelier will tie all of the gold accents together and bring sparkle to the room.

french country bedroom chandelier

The white cabinet is meant to be a TV Stand if you plan to have a TV in the room. I looked for TV lift cabinets, but the lowest price that I could find for one was $1,700. I get stuck on paying more for the cabinet than what I paid for the TV. Especially if it’s a really basic design.

French Country Bedroom TV Stand

The bedding is a complete 14 piece set. It’s important that the bedding match the grandeur of the bed, and I think I’ve done that with these. 

French Country Bedding

Last but not least, the topiaries are just to give a pop of color. Bringing in real flowers would be a nice touch too.

French Country Topiary Set

That’s it. I hope that this helps you with designing your own French Country bedroom. As always, I will keep the links updated as best as I can. If you happen to come across a bad link, please gently let me know in the comments.

There may be taxes and shipping charges on some of the pieces. Several of the pieces were on sale, and there were also discount codes that I didn’t take into account. Make sure to sign up for emails if it will offer you a discount code. That will save you a lot, especially on the larger pieces. Now is the perfect time to buy because it’s after Christmas.

Big hug,


Checklist with Links and Pricing

French Country Bed Queen or King $925 & $995

French Nightstand Chest $638 each, 2 = $1,276

French Distressed Wood Dresser $1,290

French Floor Mirror Gold $340

French Dresser Mirror $214

French Framed Art $292

French Framed Art By The Pond $242

Area Rug White Multi $643

Option 2 Area Rug Greens $668

Option 3 Area Rug Blues $167

Queen Bedding $180

King Bedding $180

Console Cabinet $540

French Country Ottoman Bench $219

French Side Table $293

French Blue Wall Panel $189

French Writing Desk $599

Mercury Glass Table Lamps $99 each, 2 = $198

Gold Wall Sconce $131 each, 2 = $262

Gold Chandelier $249

French Round Back Desk Chair 2 for $225

Wood & Metal Wall Panel $100

Curtains $45 each, 2 = $90

Curtain Rods $15-20 each

Topiary Set of 3 $40

Accent Chairs $238 each, 2 = $476

Wallpaper Left Option $50 roll

Wallpaper Middle Option $50 roll

Wallpaper Right Option $39 roll

Queen 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress $179

King 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress $204

Queen Boxspring $130

King Boxspring $132

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