Feminine Bedroom Design For Under $1,000

Twin Bedroom Female 1

January 4, 2018 Hi there. Here the first in a series of bedrooms that will cost between $1,000 and $1,500 to recreate. All of the links for where to buy are listed in the Checklist below.

This is a twin size bed bedroom design. It comes in $949 before any taxes and/or shipping. The cost includes bed frame, mattress, headboard, sheets, etc., so if you already have some of these items, you can recreate this design for less. You can also recreate the design with a larger bed for a little more. 

Let’s start with the bed. The frame is a fold up frame that allows for storage underneath, and it doesn’t need a boxspring, just the mattress.

bed frame

The mattress is a foam mattress that comes with a very high rating, and it is very affordable.

twin mattress

The bedding includes a 5 piece comforter, bed skirt, pillow sham, and pillow set, and a separate 100% cotton sheet set.

twin bedding

The headboard is a white tufted leather look vinyl. I have purchased this headboard, and I really like it because it’s soft to lean against when you’re sitting up in bed and it’s easy to clean. The price is great too.

twin headboard

I’ve included lavender and light blue accent pillows that match the colors in the artwork.

girls room pillows

The artwork is by an Australian artist, Sally Walsh. I love her work. You can visit her website at, SillierthanSally.com. I found her paintings at AllPosters.com, but she sells her prints at several art portals. See her website for details.

art for girls twin bdrm

The nightstands are just simple end tables in a white laminate. Nightstands with storage would have blown the budget, so I went with these instead to put as much into the design as possible.


What I didn’t give you in nightstand storage, I made up for with this 8 drawer dresser with simple and clean lines.

white dresser

The curtains are blackout curtains for undisturbed sleep.

blackout curtains

I chose the lamps to add a little glamour to the room with a crystal base. They come in a set of two at a surprisingly good price.

girls room lamps

Here are the two mirrors that are included into the design. There is a full length mirror and a smaller Baroque style mirror.

full length mirror

baroque mirror

The desk is perfect for a place to do some writing.

white desk

The desk chair is a vintage modern design in a pretty pink color that matches with the colors in the artwork.

pink chair

The globe light is just for fun. It’s an LED multicolor light that comes with a multifunction remote that you can set all kinds of ways to create ambiance in the room.

globe light

I did my best to find pieces that have a minimum 4 out of 5 stars, and free shipping. Some you may need to ship to store to save on shipping, and there will be taxes on a couple of the pieces. Be sure to sign up for emails if it gets you a discount code. Some of the pieces were on sale when I found them, and they may not be the same price.

As always, I will check the links to make sure they haven’t gone bad. If you see one before I do, please gently let me know in the comments, and I’ll fix it.

I hope that you enjoy this design.

Big hug,



Twin Foam Mattress $120

Twin Bedframe $39

Twin Headboard $70

5 Piece Twin Bedding Set $40

Twin Sheet Set $17

Desk $50

Nightstand Table $8, 2 for $16

Crystal Lamp Set $80

White Dresser $184

Full Length Mirror $15

Baroque Mirror $20

LED Globe Light $67

Curtains $21, 2 = $42

Curtain Rod $15

Pink Desk Chair $40

Artwork 1 of 3 $23

Artwork 2 of 3 $23

Artwork 3 of 3 $23

16×20 Frame Set $13 each, 2 = 26

Lavender Throw Pillow Set $15

Light Blue Throw Pillow Set $15

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