Masculine King Size Bedroom For Under $1,700


Masculine King Bedroom

King Size Bedroom for Under $1,700

It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I put together a masculine and affordable king size bedroom for under $1,700. Total at the time of posting was actually $1,580, before taxes. All of the links for where to buy each piece shown are included in the Checklist below.

I created this design for the up and coming single male who wants to make a good impression on someone special.

Everyone wants a nice home, but most people can’t afford to hire an interior designer. On their own, most people don’t know where to start when it comes to designing a room. I’m here to help with that. I make it easy and affordable to have a great looking home. I put the designs together using pieces that you can buy online, and each of my designs comes with a Checklist that includes all of the links for where to buy along with the prices.

I’ll start with the artwork because it’s the inspiration for the entire design. If you look at everything in the room, every color and style of each piece relates back to the colors, style and the mood of the artwork. They are the New York Cityscape just after sunset and Central Park at night. They are moody and have a subdued electricity to them that I think is the perfect backdrop for a bedroom. FIY, make sure that you purchase the right size. Sometimes the links to the artwork will default to the smallest size. These are 36″ x 24″, and 24″ x 18″ sizes. There is a link to buy affordable frames in the Checklist as well. (The frames that you can buy with the artwork are really expensive.)

masculine bedroom art

The paint colors are pulled from the colors in the artwork. I chose dark muted tones to relax the feel of the room. Painting the walls in one of these colors will pull all of the colors of the room together. If you were to leave the walls a light color, it would feel a little unfinished.

masculine paint colors

When I chose the bed, I had to go with the teal blue shade because of how perfectly it matches the blues in the artwork. Fight the urge to play it safe. There are similar beds in other colors in the link if you must. 

masculine bedroom bed

The bedding that I chose is a double sided comforter and sham set because I like options. I’ll assume you do too. There’s also a sheet set that is included in the Checklist that comes highly rated for only $17 if you need them. 

Boys Full Size Bedroom bedding

The nightstands have ample storage, which everyone loves, and they pull the browns that are in the art of Central Park. Oh! I almost forgot. The nightstands and a king bed width total 138 inches, so figure 140 inches, or 11’8″ to be safe. When you measure the wall that the bed will go against, don’t forget that the baseboards will stop the nightstands from going completely flush against the corners, and the door jams will keep the nightstands from going against the wall too, so measure carefully. If your room isn’t big enough, you could always go to a queen size bed which is 16 inches smaller than a king. 

masculine bedroom nightstand

The dresser is not meant to match in the typical bedroom set that everyone defaults to. Have you ever noticed that the rooms that you see in interior design magazines never have matching furniture sets? (Unless it’s an ad for a furniture store.) This dresser is black to tie back to the black colors in the artwork.

masculine dresser

The over the dresser mirror is a serious steal at Kirkland’s for $20. I can’t believe the price. If you find it not on sale, you could wait for it to go back on sale if you have time. Kirkland’s has some great sales, so sign up for their email alerts. I’m not getting paid to tell you that. I’m saying that just because I’ve saved so much money myself by doing that.

masculine bedroom mirror 1

The floor length mirror is also from Kirkland’s and it’s only $60 which is an incredible price for how big it is. It’s very hard to find anything that size for under $100, let along $60. 

masculine mirror 2

The lamps were chosen because they have similar curves as the Brooklyn Bridge, and they match the knobs of the nightstands and the dresser.

masculine bedroom lamps

The storage ottoman is meant to go at the foot of the bed to act as a place to sit and to offer additional storage.

masculine ottoman storage

Last, but not least, the curtains are room darkening curtains to help you sleep in on your days off. There is also a link for a curtain rod in the Checklist. I would recommend choosing a rod that is brushed silver to match the rest of the silver elements in the room. Second favorite would be a black rod. 

masculine curtains

That’s everything. As always, most of everything that I’ve chosen was on sale when I posted this blog, and the pricing may be different than what you see in the Checklist. If I notice a change in the price, I will still leave the original price because I want you to know whether to wait for it to go back on sale, or to buy it ASAP because it’s even less.

Another thing that I’d like to mention is that when I designed this room, I tried to keep the overall price as low as possible. Because I was trying to keep the price low, I had several versions of this design. I initially tried to keep the overall price below $1,500, but it just looked cheap. The last thing anyone wants is for their room to look like everything in it is bottom tier quality. I’d say that every piece in this design a tier 2-3. I tried to choose pieces with 4 out of 5 ratings, which is another reason why the pieces are tier 2-3. Tier 1 quality usually gets bad reviews. There will be taxes on a few things, and I think there is free shipping on everything, or at least ship to store options.

If your budget is tighter than $1,700, you could go with a queen size bed, and you could leave out the storage ottoman. That will save you around $200. 

I will check back every so often to make sure the links are still valid. If you find a bad link, please leave a (gentle) comment for me and I’ll fix it.

I hope that this helps you on your design quest and that you love your new room. Until next time.

Big hug,



New York Cityscape 36″ x 24″$30

Central Park Art 24″ x 18″ $33

36″ x 24″ Frame $27

24″ x 18″ Frame $19

King Size Bed $311

12″ Thick King Size Mattress $204

100% Cotton King Size Sheet Set $17

King Size Comforter Set $68

Nightstands $148 each, 2 = $296

Dresser $195

Storage Ottoman $158

Lamp Set $90

32″ x 66″ Full Length Mirror $60

42″ x 30″ Dresser Mirror

Curtains $16 each, 2 = $32

Curtain Rod $20

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