Vogue Inspired Living Room Under $500

Living Room 500 3

This is the third living room design in a series of designs that are $500 or less. Everything shown in this design totaled $477. A Checklist with all of the links for where to buy and the prices is below.

The art is the inspiration for the design. The colors in the room all relate back to the art.

Vogue Artwork

The futon is the only way to stay within the $500 budget. This one has good ratings, and it’s super affordable at $130.

White Futon

The Chair ties back to the blue in the artwork.Blue Print Chair

The end tables are $8 each, and they are just the right height for the futon.

Living Room 500 2 end tables

The storage ottomans are $13 each and they double as a coffee table and as extra seating.

Storage Ottomans Black

The lamps come in a set for $80. I love the way that they reference back to the Moroccan style print on the chair.

Moroccan Lamp Set

The bookshelf is $27.


Oh, I almost forgot the pillows. They tie the colors of the artwork into the room. Pillows

These pieces should fit in the smallest of living rooms, but if your layout is tricky, double check the dimensions of the pieces as needed. If your living room is really large, you can always add additional pieces as your finances permit.

As usual, I chose pieces with the lowest price and a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars, but there are a couple that may not have any reviews yet. Some of the items will have taxes, all should have free shipping, or free ship to store.

I will check back on the links to make sure they haven’t gone bad. If you see a bad link before I do, please gently comment and I will fix it right away. If I notice that the price has changed, I won’t update it because I want you to know whether to wait for the item to go back on sale, or whether to buy it ASAP. Until next time.

Big hug,



Futon $130

Blue Print Chair $100

End Tables $8 each, 2 = $16

Storage Ottomans $13 each, 2 = $26

Artwork 20″ x 30″ $26

20″ x 30″ Frame $13

Artwork 2 of 2 18″ x 24″ $23

18″ x 24″ Frame $13

Bookcase $27

Lamp Set $80

Fuchsia Pillow $3

Orange Pillow $10

Set of Black Pillows $10

Total $477

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