Affordable Airbnb Design


The Perfect Airbnb

I just recently stayed at an AirBnB, and I wanted to create an affordable design for people who are thinking about hosting a spare bedroom on Airbnb.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve good design. Truth be told, you shouldn’t spend a fortune because if something gets broken, there won’t be a lot of heartache to replace it. However, you should be using nice, clean newer pieces, not old and dirty pieces. Here’s what you need for the Perfect Airbnb (in my opinion). All of the links for where to buy and the pricing are in the Checklist below, and the links are updated monthly.

This design totals are $1,434 without a TV, and $1,696 with a TV. That may be a lot for some, and if it’s out of your price range, you can buy pieces individually until you’ve completed the room. I’ve listed the pieces in the Checklist in order of what I think are the most important so you know where to start.

I chose a bed that has a soft padded headboard because it is comfortable to lean up against. This bed is covered in a vinyl fabric so it is really easy to clean off dust. Now if you already have a bed, mattress & box-spring, you can just buy a padded, vinyl covered headboard instead of the whole bed, and a dust ruffle to cover the bed frame. I’ve included headboard and dust ruffle links in the Checklist. By the way, the bed that I chose doesn’t need a box-spring. 


This foam mattress has a great rating and a low price. I’ve had two foam mattresses now, and I absolutely love them compared to an innerspring mattress. I will never buy an innerspring again. If you already have an innerspring mattress for your Airbnb, I recommend swapping it out with a foam mattress as soon as you can. 

foam mattress

You will want a mattress protector because you never know. It’s worth it to protect  your investment in a mattress. You’ll want pillow protectors too because, let’s be honest, people drool, they sweat, and… you get the picture. 

mattress protector

Let’s talk pillows. A little money goes a long way with pillows. Have you ever stayed at a hotel and the pillow just wasn’t right for you? I don’t know about you, but the wrong pillow will wake me up, and the right pillow is bliss. I’ve included 3 different types of pillows. Don’t go with just 2 pillows. It’s amateur. You will need a minimum of 4 pillows, ideally 6 pillows, 2 of each type would be perfect. It’s one of those little added touches that guests will appreciate. 


I found 2 options for sheet sets; cotton or microfiber. I don’t think you can bleach microfiber though. I’m sure there’s another way to disinfect microfiber sheets. 

I’d suggest having at least three sets of bedding on hand. Even if you have to build up your supply gradually, it’s worth having extra so you won’t have to wash your only sheet set every time guests check out. It will cut down on how often you have to do laundry. Washing 2 sets of bedding every other time guests check out will save you so much time. 

The comforter set has 6 pieces. It is bright and cheery which is a nice change to the typical hotel room. The yellow coordinates with the art and accessories too. 

Airbnb comforter.png

I like white when it comes to towels. It’s clean and bright and you can bleach it. I’ve included links to buy them in sets of 6 or more because they are so much more affordable than buying individually.


The nightstands are really simple and affordable. I have never put my things in a drawer when I’ve stayed at a hotel or Airbnb. I’m too afraid I’ll forget it when I leave. That’s why I went with a table versus something with drawers.

side tables

The lamps have a metal base so that they won’t break as easily as glass or ceramic bases would.

lamp set

I think that the blackout curtains are the next most important thing to have. Did you know that if you don’t have sunlight coming in the windows to wake you up, your body will sleep as long as it needs to. I’ve also included a link to affordable curtain rods in the Checklist. 

blackout curtains

A clock with an alarm is redundant now that everyone has cell phones, but maybe your guests would like a backup alarm. This one has a USB charger too. 

Alarm Clock 1

Here is another alarm clock option. It also has a USB charger.

alarm clock 2

The chair is soft tufted white vinyl. It’s comfortable and easy to clean.


The luggage stand is a nice touch because most hotels have them. I use them every time there is one. If you have room for two, even better. 

luggage rack

The desk is simple and affordable. It’s a nice place for your guests to set their things down or to set up their laptop.


A full length mirror in the room is important to have. You don’t want your guests having to go in the bathroom every time they need to look in the mirror. Especially if there are 2 guests together, you don’t want them having to squeeze together trying to look in the mirror in the bathroom. I’ve had to do this while traveling with my daughter, and it was cramped. 


The artwork has a little yellow to match the yellow in the comforter.


The wall decor is an affordable set of little starburst flower shapes with pearlescent glass ends. They are a nice affordable way to add interest to an otherwise blank wall. 

wall decor

The yellow lumbar pillow is just a nice little accent that ties back to the yellow in the artwork and the comforter.

yellow lumbar pillow

I’ve always seen mini fridges in hotels and Airbnbs, but they usually don’t have a freezer. This is a great way to let your guests know how much you understand the need to have ice cream while on vacation. 

mini fridge

One last thing you’ll need are hangers. I had a link to an 18 pack of hangers initially, but it’s gone. I’m not sure who hijacked normal hangers, but I can’t find smooth plastic hangers without the notches on the top anymore. The fuzzy ones and the ones with the notches make it impossible to pull something off the hanger with just one hand. I didn’t realize that clothing falling off hangers was such an epidemic that manufacturers and retailers decided to phase out the most popular hanger design EVER. But I digress. Try the dollar store. If you find the proper hangers, please comment as to where. 

The TV is optional in case you are allowing full access to your living room, family room, etc. 


Here is an affordable TV stand. It’s actually a console table, but you need the height to see the TV if you are watching from the bed.

console TV stand

Those are my choices to create a really comfortable, yet affordable Airbnb. I hope that this helps make putting one together a little easier.

As always, I check the links at least once a month to ensure that they haven’t gone bad. If you happen to find a bad link before I do, please gently comment and I will fix it right away.

The pricing may change, and if I see it, I won’t change it because I want you to know whether you should wait for the piece to go on sale or buy it right away if it’s less.

I try to make sure that everything has free shipping, or free ship to store, and that everything has a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars. Sometimes I find something that doesn’t have any reviews yet, so check return policies.

I also want to mention that a lot of the sources offer discounts when you sign up for emails. It averages 15% which adds up when your spending upwards of $1,500. The Checklist with all of the links is below. 

Big hug,



Queen Bed Frame with Headboard & Footboard $366

Optional Queen Headboard Only $102

Queen Foam Mattress $100

Mattress Protector $13

Basic Pillow $4 each

Down Alternative Pillow $7 each

Shredded Foam Pillow (My favorite) 2 for $24

Pillow Protector Set of 2 $5

Queen Cotton Sheet Set $21

Queen Sheet Set $10

Queen Bedskirt $26

Extra Pillowcases Set of 2 $10

6 Piece Queen Comforter Set $59

6 Pack of 24″ x 48″ Bath Towels $31

6 Pack of Hand Towels $19

24 Washcloths $15

Nightstands $8 each

Set of 2 Lamps $68

Blackout Curtains $40 each

Curtain Rod $19

Alarm Clock Option 1 $22

Alarm Clock Option 2 $13

Desk Chair $109

Luggage Rack $27

Desk $49

Full Length Mirror $60

36″ x 24″ Rose Print Art $60

36″ x 24″ Frame $29

Wall Decor Set of 3 Starburst Flowers $33

Yellow Lumbar Pillow $17

Mini Fridge with Freezer $140

40″ Television $180

Console Table for TV $42

Here is another Console Table if the above is out of white.

Second Option For White Console Table $50

Total without TV = $1,434

Total with TV and Console Table = $1,696

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