Vogue Inspired Living Room Under $500

Living Room 500 3

This is the third living room design in a series of designs that are $500 or less. Everything shown in this design totaled $477. A Checklist with all of the links for where to buy and the prices is below.

The art is the inspiration for the design. The colors in the room all relate back to the art.

Vogue Artwork

The futon is the only way to stay within the $500 budget. This one has good ratings, and it’s super affordable at $130.

White Futon

The Chair ties back to the blue in the artwork.Blue Print Chair

The end tables are $8 each, and they are just the right height for the futon.

Living Room 500 2 end tables

The storage ottomans are $13 each and they double as a coffee table and as extra seating.

Storage Ottomans Black

The lamps come in a set for $80. I love the way that they reference back to the Moroccan style print on the chair.

Moroccan Lamp Set

The bookshelf is $27.


Oh, I almost forgot the pillows. They tie the colors of the artwork into the room. Pillows

These pieces should fit in the smallest of living rooms, but if your layout is tricky, double check the dimensions of the pieces as needed. If your living room is really large, you can always add additional pieces as your finances permit.

As usual, I chose pieces with the lowest price and a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars, but there are a couple that may not have any reviews yet. Some of the items will have taxes, all should have free shipping, or free ship to store.

I will check back on the links to make sure they haven’t gone bad. If you see a bad link before I do, please gently comment and I will fix it right away. If I notice that the price has changed, I won’t update it because I want you to know whether to wait for the item to go back on sale, or whether to buy it ASAP. Until next time.

Big hug,



Futon $130

Blue Print Chair $100

End Tables $8 each, 2 = $16

Storage Ottomans $13 each, 2 = $26

Artwork 20″ x 30″ $26

20″ x 30″ Frame $13

Artwork 2 of 2 18″ x 24″ $23

18″ x 24″ Frame $13

Bookcase $27

Lamp Set $80

Fuchsia Pillow $3

Orange Pillow $10

Set of Black Pillows $10

Total $477

Dining Room With Seating For Six For Under $500

$500 Dining Room 2.png

Hello again. If you are on a really tight budget, I found some really affordable options to create a lovely dining room without maxing out your credit card.

This dining room has seating for six, with an extendable table that can be compact for 4 chairs or elongated for 6 chairs, and I even managed to have enough left over for 1 piece of artwork and a mirror. The Checklist with all the pricing and links for where to buy each piece is down below.

I can’t believe I was able to do seating for 6 for under $500. I thought maybe I could get 4 chairs, but not 6. But I found these chairs. They’re a phenomenal deal at 2 for $77, and they also come in black or red. Please don’t buy the black or brown chairs. EVERYONE buys the black or brown chairs. Live a little – add color. They’re vinyl, so you don’t have to worry about staining them either. They’re perfect for children.

Here art the art options. I chose  these because of how well they matched the colors of the dining chairs. There are countless other art prints to choose from, so if you want to look around for yourself, the link in the Checklist will bring you to the website where you can search thousands of prints.

The artwork options are poster prints that you can put into frames. I put in 6 options that come in either 18 x 24 inches or 24 x 36 inches. I’ve also included links to inexpensive frames for the posters. You can always click an artwork link and search for a different piece of artwork on the website if you’d like. There are countless options to find something that you love, but just make sure you stay with 18 x 24 or 24 x 36 sizes because the frames get expensive for the 24 x 32 sizes.





Let me show you the chair colors.




Let me tell you about the table. It has leaves to extend the table, so you have a couple different table length options. Full disclosure, the description of the table says that it can seat 4 to 8 people. If you look closely at the photos on the website the chairs look very narrow and the people on the long ends are going to be straddling table legs. That’s not comfortable, so let’s just say that the table seats up to six so your guests won’t hate you. The table comes in 3 colors, I’m not sure if the natural wood version is sealed or if you can paint it. You could sand it down and paint it regardless, so that’s an option if you want to customize it. I chose the black version because it matches the chair legs.

dining table 2dining table 1dining table 3

If you can imagine the variations in color options…The green chairs with the oak tree art. The blue chairs with the dock art, the palm tree art, or the flower forest art. The white chairs with the dock art, the Paris art, or the face art. Here are a few examples of the chairs matched with the art for you to get a better visual.

Green 500 Dining 1

Green 500 Dining 2

Blue 500 Dining 3

Blue 500 Dining 2

Blue 500 Dining 1

White 500 Dining 4

White 500 Dining 3

White 500 Dining 1

Red 500 Dining 1

Red 500 Dining 2

The other thing that I wanted to mention is that this dining room will coordinate with the Coastal Living Room Design for $500 by choosing the ocean/beach theme artwork, along with the blue or white chairs. That’s 2 rooms for under $1,000.

All in, if you bought the most expensive artwork with the most expensive frame, your total would be $487, not including any taxes or shipping charges, and you may not have to pay taxes on a few of these, depending on where you live. The website for the chairs offers 15% off if you sign up for emails, so that will help a lot.

The table should fit in the smallest of spaces, but double check the measurements of your space. You’ll want to have room to walk around the table as well, so add 24 inches on each side. Any smaller and it will be cramped.

As always, I will keep the links updated, and if you find a bad link before I do, please leave a gentle comment, and I’ll fix it. When I notice that the prices have changed, I will leave the original price because I want you to know whether to wait for a sale if it’s higher, or buy it right away if it’s lower. You can also leave a comment and let me know if you’d like me to design a specific type of room. I love a challenge, so don’t be shy. Please like and share and comment too. Until next time!

Big hug,



Dining Room Checklist

1. Dining Chairs 2 for $77, 4 = $154, 6 = $231

2. Dining Table Extendable $169

3. Mirror $20

4. Artwork Option 1 $30

5. Artwork Option 2 $20

6. Artwork Option 3 $30

7. Artwork Option 4 $5

8. Artwork Option 5 $40

9. Artwork Option 6 $20

10. 18 x 24 Frame $19

11. 24 x 36 Frame $20

Coastal Living Room $500 Budget

Coastal Living Room $500 2

This is my very first try at putting together a living room on a $500 budget, and I was able to get 16 pieces of furniture and art in that budget.

For those of you who don’t know, I design rooms using various budgets, and I provide a Checklist with all of the links to purchase each piece in the design so that when you see a design that you like, you can easily order all of the pieces online. You won’t have to spend hours searching, matching, sizing, all while trying to stay within your budget – I do all of the hard work for you.

This design is for someone who is on a really tight budget. I remember what it was like to want to have a nice apartment, but not have a lot of money to decorate it. So, this is my first crack at it. The Coastal theme is really popular, but you can easily switch the artwork around and create a whole other look. I’ll play around with it and create different versions future.

Let me give you the details about this design. The futon is great because you can have overnight guests if you need to, or if you live in an studio apartment, you’ve got your living room/bedroom all set.


The art shown are posters, and let me just say that when I went looking for affordable ocean art – the options were endless, so if you don’t like the vintage style of the art shown, you can search for other types of ocean art, or even other types of art altogether in the art link provided in the Checklist below.

I found two black frames to fit the posters for $13. One important thing that I wanted to mention about the frames that I found are small for one of these art prints. The prints are 12″x18″ and 13″x19″. I chose to go with the 12″x18″ frame size. You can fold or trim down the larger piece of art 1/2 inch on each side to fit. 

Coastal Living Room Art

The slipper chair was a steal at $74. I’ve seen the price fluctuate up to $90, and this is a second source after the price went from $80 to $90 with the first source.

Slipper Chair

1/22/2018 Update…As I was checking all of the links to make sure they were still valid, I noticed that the chair above is a lot more expensive. I’ve left it’s link in the Checklist below, but I’ve added another chair at a lower price. It’s from Ebay, and there aren’t any reviews showing for the chair, which always makes me nervous, but they accept returns within 30 days. There are very detailed photos of the chair though. 

Coastal Chair

The lamps are $30 a piece, and that includes the shade. They also come in a few other colors.


The end tables are $8 each. This style table has been around for at least 40 years, and I think the price was $8 40 years ago too. These tables aren’t very tall as far as end tables go, but neither is the futon, so it work out nicely. 

End Tables

The ladder shelf is great for displaying little decor items and or some small plants. You can put it by the front door as a place to set your keys. 

Ladder Shelf

The throw pillows are really nice for $15 for the pair. I’ve bought these before and I really like them. There are several color options, so if navy blue isn’t your thing, you can go with another color. 
Coastal Pillows

The storage ottomans double as a coffee table. I initially found them for $25 each, and then when I was checking the links to make sure they were still valid, I found them for $17 each from another source, so Yay! They’re a great place to hide your mess when company suddenly stops by. Shhh, it’ll be our little secret. 

Storage Ottomans

The TV Stand is just $20! It had only 1 review when I wrote this, but it was 5 stars. Fingers crossed, it will be wonderful. 

TV Stand

These pieces should fit in the smallest of living rooms, but if your layout is tricky, double check the dimensions of the pieces as needed. If your living room is really large, you can always add additional pieces as your finances permit.

I chose everything carefully based on price and reviews. I try to make sure that there are a minimum of 4 out of 5 star reviews for each item, but sometimes there aren’t any reviews and I take the chance. Every piece should have free shipping, or free ship to your local store options, and some will have taxes. The total was $446 for all of the pieces, so there is room for taxes.

I will check back to make sure that the links don’t go bad. If you happen to notice one before I do, please gently comment to let me know and I’ll fix it straight away. The prices will change, but I am going to leave the prices as is so you know whether to wait for it to go back on sale, or whether to by it ASAP because it’s price is lower than I quoted.

I hope that this helps makes furnishing your place a little easier. Until next time.

Big hug,


Coastal Living Room Checklist

  1.  White Futon $170
  2.  2 End Tables $8 each, 2 = $16
  3. 2 Beige Lamps $30 each, 2 = $60
  4. White TV Stand $20
  5. 2 Light Blue Ottomans $17 each, 2 = $34
  6. Option 1 of 2 Gray Slipper Chair $74
  7. Option 2 of 2 Slipper Chair $66
  8. Ladder Shelf $24
  9. Vintage Art 1 of 2 $7
  10. Vintage Art 2 of 2 $10
  11. Frames $8 each, 2 = $16
  12. Navy Pillows $15

Total = $446

*Please note that a few of these items were on sale, all of the pieces had free shipping or free pick up at the time of this post, but some of them will have added taxes that are not included in the total. Please feel free to gently comment about better pricing and/or alternative pieces. I will continually check to make sure that the links haven’t become invalid, but if you catch something before me, please let me know, and don’t forget to share and like this post. Thank you!

Big hug,