Affordable Airbnb Design


The Perfect Airbnb

I just recently stayed at an AirBnB, and I wanted to create an affordable design for people who are thinking about hosting a spare bedroom on Airbnb.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve good design. Truth be told, you shouldn’t spend a fortune because if something gets broken, there won’t be a lot of heartache to replace it. However, you should be using nice, clean newer pieces, not old and dirty pieces. Here’s what you need for the Perfect Airbnb (in my opinion). All of the links for where to buy and the pricing are in the Checklist below, and the links are updated monthly.

This design totals are $1,434 without a TV, and $1,696 with a TV. That may be a lot for some, and if it’s out of your price range, you can buy pieces individually until you’ve completed the room. I’ve listed the pieces in the Checklist in order of what I think are the most important so you know where to start.

I chose a bed that has a soft padded headboard because it is comfortable to lean up against. This bed is covered in a vinyl fabric so it is really easy to clean off dust. Now if you already have a bed, mattress & box-spring, you can just buy a padded, vinyl covered headboard instead of the whole bed, and a dust ruffle to cover the bed frame. I’ve included headboard and dust ruffle links in the Checklist. By the way, the bed that I chose doesn’t need a box-spring. 


This foam mattress has a great rating and a low price. I’ve had two foam mattresses now, and I absolutely love them compared to an innerspring mattress. I will never buy an innerspring again. If you already have an innerspring mattress for your Airbnb, I recommend swapping it out with a foam mattress as soon as you can. 

foam mattress

You will want a mattress protector because you never know. It’s worth it to protect  your investment in a mattress. You’ll want pillow protectors too because, let’s be honest, people drool, they sweat, and… you get the picture. 

mattress protector

Let’s talk pillows. A little money goes a long way with pillows. Have you ever stayed at a hotel and the pillow just wasn’t right for you? I don’t know about you, but the wrong pillow will wake me up, and the right pillow is bliss. I’ve included 3 different types of pillows. Don’t go with just 2 pillows. It’s amateur. You will need a minimum of 4 pillows, ideally 6 pillows, 2 of each type would be perfect. It’s one of those little added touches that guests will appreciate. 


I found 2 options for sheet sets; cotton or microfiber. I don’t think you can bleach microfiber though. I’m sure there’s another way to disinfect microfiber sheets. 

I’d suggest having at least three sets of bedding on hand. Even if you have to build up your supply gradually, it’s worth having extra so you won’t have to wash your only sheet set every time guests check out. It will cut down on how often you have to do laundry. Washing 2 sets of bedding every other time guests check out will save you so much time. 

The comforter set has 6 pieces. It is bright and cheery which is a nice change to the typical hotel room. The yellow coordinates with the art and accessories too. 

Airbnb comforter.png

I like white when it comes to towels. It’s clean and bright and you can bleach it. I’ve included links to buy them in sets of 6 or more because they are so much more affordable than buying individually.


The nightstands are really simple and affordable. I have never put my things in a drawer when I’ve stayed at a hotel or Airbnb. I’m too afraid I’ll forget it when I leave. That’s why I went with a table versus something with drawers.

side tables

The lamps have a metal base so that they won’t break as easily as glass or ceramic bases would.

lamp set

I think that the blackout curtains are the next most important thing to have. Did you know that if you don’t have sunlight coming in the windows to wake you up, your body will sleep as long as it needs to. I’ve also included a link to affordable curtain rods in the Checklist. 

blackout curtains

A clock with an alarm is redundant now that everyone has cell phones, but maybe your guests would like a backup alarm. This one has a USB charger too. 

Alarm Clock 1

Here is another alarm clock option. It also has a USB charger.

alarm clock 2

The chair is soft tufted white vinyl. It’s comfortable and easy to clean.


The luggage stand is a nice touch because most hotels have them. I use them every time there is one. If you have room for two, even better. 

luggage rack

The desk is simple and affordable. It’s a nice place for your guests to set their things down or to set up their laptop.


A full length mirror in the room is important to have. You don’t want your guests having to go in the bathroom every time they need to look in the mirror. Especially if there are 2 guests together, you don’t want them having to squeeze together trying to look in the mirror in the bathroom. I’ve had to do this while traveling with my daughter, and it was cramped. 


The artwork has a little yellow to match the yellow in the comforter.


The wall decor is an affordable set of little starburst flower shapes with pearlescent glass ends. They are a nice affordable way to add interest to an otherwise blank wall. 

wall decor

The yellow lumbar pillow is just a nice little accent that ties back to the yellow in the artwork and the comforter.

yellow lumbar pillow

I’ve always seen mini fridges in hotels and Airbnbs, but they usually don’t have a freezer. This is a great way to let your guests know how much you understand the need to have ice cream while on vacation. 

mini fridge

One last thing you’ll need are hangers. I had a link to an 18 pack of hangers initially, but it’s gone. I’m not sure who hijacked normal hangers, but I can’t find smooth plastic hangers without the notches on the top anymore. The fuzzy ones and the ones with the notches make it impossible to pull something off the hanger with just one hand. I didn’t realize that clothing falling off hangers was such an epidemic that manufacturers and retailers decided to phase out the most popular hanger design EVER. But I digress. Try the dollar store. If you find the proper hangers, please comment as to where. 

The TV is optional in case you are allowing full access to your living room, family room, etc. 


Here is an affordable TV stand. It’s actually a console table, but you need the height to see the TV if you are watching from the bed.

console TV stand

Those are my choices to create a really comfortable, yet affordable Airbnb. I hope that this helps make putting one together a little easier.

As always, I check the links at least once a month to ensure that they haven’t gone bad. If you happen to find a bad link before I do, please gently comment and I will fix it right away.

The pricing may change, and if I see it, I won’t change it because I want you to know whether you should wait for the piece to go on sale or buy it right away if it’s less.

I try to make sure that everything has free shipping, or free ship to store, and that everything has a minimum of 4 out of 5 stars. Sometimes I find something that doesn’t have any reviews yet, so check return policies.

I also want to mention that a lot of the sources offer discounts when you sign up for emails. It averages 15% which adds up when your spending upwards of $1,500. The Checklist with all of the links is below. 

Big hug,



Queen Bed Frame with Headboard & Footboard $366

Optional Queen Headboard Only $102

Queen Foam Mattress $100

Mattress Protector $13

Basic Pillow $4 each

Down Alternative Pillow $7 each

Shredded Foam Pillow (My favorite) 2 for $24

Pillow Protector Set of 2 $5

Queen Cotton Sheet Set $21

Queen Sheet Set $10

Queen Bedskirt $26

Extra Pillowcases Set of 2 $10

6 Piece Queen Comforter Set $59

6 Pack of 24″ x 48″ Bath Towels $31

6 Pack of Hand Towels $19

24 Washcloths $15

Nightstands $8 each

Set of 2 Lamps $68

Blackout Curtains $40 each

Curtain Rod $19

Alarm Clock Option 1 $22

Alarm Clock Option 2 $13

Desk Chair $109

Luggage Rack $27

Desk $49

Full Length Mirror $60

36″ x 24″ Rose Print Art $60

36″ x 24″ Frame $29

Wall Decor Set of 3 Starburst Flowers $33

Yellow Lumbar Pillow $17

Mini Fridge with Freezer $140

40″ Television $180

Console Table for TV $42

Here is another Console Table if the above is out of white.

Second Option For White Console Table $50

Total without TV = $1,434

Total with TV and Console Table = $1,696

Masculine King Size Bedroom For Under $1,700


Masculine King Bedroom

King Size Bedroom for Under $1,700

It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I put together a masculine and affordable king size bedroom for under $1,700. Total at the time of posting was actually $1,580, before taxes. All of the links for where to buy each piece shown are included in the Checklist below.

I created this design for the up and coming single male who wants to make a good impression on someone special.

Everyone wants a nice home, but most people can’t afford to hire an interior designer. On their own, most people don’t know where to start when it comes to designing a room. I’m here to help with that. I make it easy and affordable to have a great looking home. I put the designs together using pieces that you can buy online, and each of my designs comes with a Checklist that includes all of the links for where to buy along with the prices.

I’ll start with the artwork because it’s the inspiration for the entire design. If you look at everything in the room, every color and style of each piece relates back to the colors, style and the mood of the artwork. They are the New York Cityscape just after sunset and Central Park at night. They are moody and have a subdued electricity to them that I think is the perfect backdrop for a bedroom. FIY, make sure that you purchase the right size. Sometimes the links to the artwork will default to the smallest size. These are 36″ x 24″, and 24″ x 18″ sizes. There is a link to buy affordable frames in the Checklist as well. (The frames that you can buy with the artwork are really expensive.)

masculine bedroom art

The paint colors are pulled from the colors in the artwork. I chose dark muted tones to relax the feel of the room. Painting the walls in one of these colors will pull all of the colors of the room together. If you were to leave the walls a light color, it would feel a little unfinished.

masculine paint colors

When I chose the bed, I had to go with the teal blue shade because of how perfectly it matches the blues in the artwork. Fight the urge to play it safe. There are similar beds in other colors in the link if you must. 

masculine bedroom bed

The bedding that I chose is a double sided comforter and sham set because I like options. I’ll assume you do too. There’s also a sheet set that is included in the Checklist that comes highly rated for only $17 if you need them. 

Boys Full Size Bedroom bedding

The nightstands have ample storage, which everyone loves, and they pull the browns that are in the art of Central Park. Oh! I almost forgot. The nightstands and a king bed width total 138 inches, so figure 140 inches, or 11’8″ to be safe. When you measure the wall that the bed will go against, don’t forget that the baseboards will stop the nightstands from going completely flush against the corners, and the door jams will keep the nightstands from going against the wall too, so measure carefully. If your room isn’t big enough, you could always go to a queen size bed which is 16 inches smaller than a king. 

masculine bedroom nightstand

The dresser is not meant to match in the typical bedroom set that everyone defaults to. Have you ever noticed that the rooms that you see in interior design magazines never have matching furniture sets? (Unless it’s an ad for a furniture store.) This dresser is black to tie back to the black colors in the artwork.

masculine dresser

The over the dresser mirror is a serious steal at Kirkland’s for $20. I can’t believe the price. If you find it not on sale, you could wait for it to go back on sale if you have time. Kirkland’s has some great sales, so sign up for their email alerts. I’m not getting paid to tell you that. I’m saying that just because I’ve saved so much money myself by doing that.

masculine bedroom mirror 1

The floor length mirror is also from Kirkland’s and it’s only $60 which is an incredible price for how big it is. It’s very hard to find anything that size for under $100, let along $60. 

masculine mirror 2

The lamps were chosen because they have similar curves as the Brooklyn Bridge, and they match the knobs of the nightstands and the dresser.

masculine bedroom lamps

The storage ottoman is meant to go at the foot of the bed to act as a place to sit and to offer additional storage.

masculine ottoman storage

Last, but not least, the curtains are room darkening curtains to help you sleep in on your days off. There is also a link for a curtain rod in the Checklist. I would recommend choosing a rod that is brushed silver to match the rest of the silver elements in the room. Second favorite would be a black rod. 

masculine curtains

That’s everything. As always, most of everything that I’ve chosen was on sale when I posted this blog, and the pricing may be different than what you see in the Checklist. If I notice a change in the price, I will still leave the original price because I want you to know whether to wait for it to go back on sale, or to buy it ASAP because it’s even less.

Another thing that I’d like to mention is that when I designed this room, I tried to keep the overall price as low as possible. Because I was trying to keep the price low, I had several versions of this design. I initially tried to keep the overall price below $1,500, but it just looked cheap. The last thing anyone wants is for their room to look like everything in it is bottom tier quality. I’d say that every piece in this design a tier 2-3. I tried to choose pieces with 4 out of 5 ratings, which is another reason why the pieces are tier 2-3. Tier 1 quality usually gets bad reviews. There will be taxes on a few things, and I think there is free shipping on everything, or at least ship to store options.

If your budget is tighter than $1,700, you could go with a queen size bed, and you could leave out the storage ottoman. That will save you around $200. 

I will check back every so often to make sure the links are still valid. If you find a bad link, please leave a (gentle) comment for me and I’ll fix it.

I hope that this helps you on your design quest and that you love your new room. Until next time.

Big hug,



New York Cityscape 36″ x 24″$30

Central Park Art 24″ x 18″ $33

36″ x 24″ Frame $27

24″ x 18″ Frame $19

King Size Bed $311

12″ Thick King Size Mattress $204

100% Cotton King Size Sheet Set $17

King Size Comforter Set $68

Nightstands $148 each, 2 = $296

Dresser $195

Storage Ottoman $158

Lamp Set $90

32″ x 66″ Full Length Mirror $60

42″ x 30″ Dresser Mirror

Curtains $16 each, 2 = $32

Curtain Rod $20

Feminine Bedroom Design For Under $1,000

Twin Bedroom Female 1

January 4, 2018 Hi there. Here the first in a series of bedrooms that will cost between $1,000 and $1,500 to recreate. All of the links for where to buy are listed in the Checklist below.

This is a twin size bed bedroom design. It comes in $949 before any taxes and/or shipping. The cost includes bed frame, mattress, headboard, sheets, etc., so if you already have some of these items, you can recreate this design for less. You can also recreate the design with a larger bed for a little more. 

Let’s start with the bed. The frame is a fold up frame that allows for storage underneath, and it doesn’t need a boxspring, just the mattress.

bed frame

The mattress is a foam mattress that comes with a very high rating, and it is very affordable.

twin mattress

The bedding includes a 5 piece comforter, bed skirt, pillow sham, and pillow set, and a separate 100% cotton sheet set.

twin bedding

The headboard is a white tufted leather look vinyl. I have purchased this headboard, and I really like it because it’s soft to lean against when you’re sitting up in bed and it’s easy to clean. The price is great too.

twin headboard

I’ve included lavender and light blue accent pillows that match the colors in the artwork.

girls room pillows

The artwork is by an Australian artist, Sally Walsh. I love her work. You can visit her website at, I found her paintings at, but she sells her prints at several art portals. See her website for details.

art for girls twin bdrm

The nightstands are just simple end tables in a white laminate. Nightstands with storage would have blown the budget, so I went with these instead to put as much into the design as possible.


What I didn’t give you in nightstand storage, I made up for with this 8 drawer dresser with simple and clean lines.

white dresser

The curtains are blackout curtains for undisturbed sleep.

blackout curtains

I chose the lamps to add a little glamour to the room with a crystal base. They come in a set of two at a surprisingly good price.

girls room lamps

Here are the two mirrors that are included into the design. There is a full length mirror and a smaller Baroque style mirror.

full length mirror

baroque mirror

The desk is perfect for a place to do some writing.

white desk

The desk chair is a vintage modern design in a pretty pink color that matches with the colors in the artwork.

pink chair

The globe light is just for fun. It’s an LED multicolor light that comes with a multifunction remote that you can set all kinds of ways to create ambiance in the room.

globe light

I did my best to find pieces that have a minimum 4 out of 5 stars, and free shipping. Some you may need to ship to store to save on shipping, and there will be taxes on a couple of the pieces. Be sure to sign up for emails if it gets you a discount code. Some of the pieces were on sale when I found them, and they may not be the same price.

As always, I will check the links to make sure they haven’t gone bad. If you see one before I do, please gently let me know in the comments, and I’ll fix it.

I hope that you enjoy this design.

Big hug,



Twin Foam Mattress $120

Twin Bedframe $39

Twin Headboard $70

5 Piece Twin Bedding Set $40

Twin Sheet Set $17

Desk $50

Nightstand Table $8, 2 for $16

Crystal Lamp Set $80

White Dresser $184

Full Length Mirror $15

Baroque Mirror $20

LED Globe Light $67

Curtains $21, 2 = $42

Curtain Rod $15

Pink Desk Chair $40

Artwork 1 of 3 $23

Artwork 2 of 3 $23

Artwork 3 of 3 $23

16×20 Frame Set $13 each, 2 = 26

Lavender Throw Pillow Set $15

Light Blue Throw Pillow Set $15

French Country Bedroom Design

French Country Bedroom 1

December 29, 2017 Hello! Before I start, I wanted to share a thought that I had just as I was about to fall asleep last night about interior design. Maybe someone has already thought of this analogy, but it just came to me. Think of interior design as you would think of putting together the perfect outfit. Interior design is essentially the same.

The large furniture pieces are the dress, or pants and a blouse, the smaller furniture pieces are the jacket. The flooring and area rugs are the shoes, the wall décor is the handbag, the curtains are the scarf, the accessories and lighting are the jewelry, and the ceiling details are the hairstyle. Everything must tie together for the outfit to work. The same is true for designing a room. The fabrics, the style, the size and fit, it all needs to work together for an interior design to be beautiful.

So, if you have trouble imagining how an interior design will come together, see if comparing each piece in a room to the pieces of an outfit will help.

This French Country Bedroom Design has all of the links and pricing to buy each piece. FYI, I have also designed French Country style living rooms and a dining room if you’d like to take a look at those too. You can also mix and match the pieces from those rooms into a bedroom design if you’d like.

The design itself is the most expensive design I’ve created for this blog so far, coming in at just under $10,000 for the king size version, which includes everything, even the mattress and boxspring. It’s a lot, I know. I will create another design soon that is a little more affordable.

I wanted to say though that when I searched “French Country” anything, I saw a price jump. I would guess it’s the popularity of French Country, but maybe it’s just French style designs, they are more ornate and detailed, so more expensive quality.

I love how the design turned out though. It’s very soothing and romantic and old world. 

Okay, let’s start with the artwork which are vintage scenes from the French Countryside. I went back and forth with whether to use silver or gold frames. The gold is very French, but the silver makes sense with the cool gray tones of the distressed wood. The silver frames were too washed out though, and I went back to the gold. It’s best.

French country bedroom art

I chose the area rug because it ties in with the colors in the art perfectly. I don’t think you could get any closer of a match. I love how it has bright yellows and oranges and greens. I’ve included a couple other options for rugs in the Checklist below if you’d like something a little more muted.

French Country Bedroom Area Rug

French Country Bedroom Area Rug options

The paint colors are pulled from the art and the bedding. I then lighten them up a lot so they aren’t too deep otherwise they will shock the eye. The bed should be the main focal point of the bedroom (the dress) and everything else in the room should compliment the bed, not pull focus. A dark color would pull focus. 

French Country Bedroom paint

The wallpaper made sense for this style of room. If you decide to tackle wallpaper, I would recommend doing just one wall, the wall that the bed will go against. You’ll want to hire a professional for this instead of trying to DIY. It’s something that takes a lot of skill and practice to be good at.

French Country Bedroom wallpaper

The bed is definitely a statement piece. It comes as a complete set, all you need is a mattress and box spring. I’ve included links for those as well in the Checklist.

French Country Bed

The nightstands offer additional storage, which I love and they’re in proportion to the size of the bed. There is nothing worse than seeing a big bed with a tiny nightstand next to it.

french nightstand chest

The dresser is similar to the nightstands but it isn’t an exact match. I don’t like the matched set, and I think that the whole set thing is just a way for the retailer to sell you more.

french country dresser

The mirror above the dresser has a distressed wood frame. I tried to put a gold framed mirror above it, but they didn’t work well together.

French dresser mirror

The wall candle sconce is a great way to create a romantic ambiance in the room.

gold sconces

The tall mirror is a floor mirror or you can mount it on the wall a few inches above the baseboards so you will still be able to see yourself from head to toe.

Gold floor mirror

The distressed wall panel with metal details is a French Country detail to add interest to the room.

French Country wall panel

The blue wall carving is classic French. It comes in several colors, I chose the blue to tie in the colors from the artwork rather than going with another wood piece.

French Country Blue eall panel

The lamps that I chose are mercury glass, and they pair nicely with the bed.

french lamps

The desk has classic French details, and the round back chair is also French.

French Country desk & chair

The accent chairs… They weren’t my first choice, but these looked more way more comfy and soft than the original pair that I chose. I’m glad that I changed them. I matched them with a smallish distressed side table.

French Country bedroom chairs

The gold detail chandelier will tie all of the gold accents together and bring sparkle to the room.

french country bedroom chandelier

The white cabinet is meant to be a TV Stand if you plan to have a TV in the room. I looked for TV lift cabinets, but the lowest price that I could find for one was $1,700. I get stuck on paying more for the cabinet than what I paid for the TV. Especially if it’s a really basic design.

French Country Bedroom TV Stand

The bedding is a complete 14 piece set. It’s important that the bedding match the grandeur of the bed, and I think I’ve done that with these. 

French Country Bedding

Last but not least, the topiaries are just to give a pop of color. Bringing in real flowers would be a nice touch too.

French Country Topiary Set

That’s it. I hope that this helps you with designing your own French Country bedroom. As always, I will keep the links updated as best as I can. If you happen to come across a bad link, please gently let me know in the comments.

There may be taxes and shipping charges on some of the pieces. Several of the pieces were on sale, and there were also discount codes that I didn’t take into account. Make sure to sign up for emails if it will offer you a discount code. That will save you a lot, especially on the larger pieces. Now is the perfect time to buy because it’s after Christmas.

Big hug,


Checklist with Links and Pricing

French Country Bed Queen or King $925 & $995

French Nightstand Chest $638 each, 2 = $1,276

French Distressed Wood Dresser $1,290

French Floor Mirror Gold $340

French Dresser Mirror $214

French Framed Art $292

French Framed Art By The Pond $242

Area Rug White Multi $643

Option 2 Area Rug Greens $668

Option 3 Area Rug Blues $167

Queen Bedding $180

King Bedding $180

Console Cabinet $540

French Country Ottoman Bench $219

French Side Table $293

French Blue Wall Panel $189

French Writing Desk $599

Mercury Glass Table Lamps $99 each, 2 = $198

Gold Wall Sconce $131 each, 2 = $262

Gold Chandelier $249

French Round Back Desk Chair 2 for $225

Wood & Metal Wall Panel $100

Curtains $45 each, 2 = $90

Curtain Rods $15-20 each

Topiary Set of 3 $40

Accent Chairs $238 each, 2 = $476

Wallpaper Left Option $50 roll

Wallpaper Middle Option $50 roll

Wallpaper Right Option $39 roll

Queen 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress $179

King 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress $204

Queen Boxspring $130

King Boxspring $132

Boy’s Room Design Can Sleep 1-6

Boys Room

December 12, 2017

Hello to those of you who have stopped by. Let me present to you my latest creation…A Boy’s Room with options that can sleep 1 to 6. There is a Checklist with all the links to easily purchase everything that you need to create this look in your home.

I’ve also totaled up the costs for several variations of the bedroom so you’ll see the approximate costs to sleep 1, 2 , 3 up to 6.

Let’s get to it. I’m going to start with the artwork, and let me just say that there was a ton of artwork to choose from, and I ended up choosing two affordable, yet adorable pieces that were the right size for affordable framing. I found the two of these at

Boys Room Art

I also wanted to show you a couple other art pieces that would be perfect if you have 2 or 3 boys. These are the more expensive pieces, so whatever works for you. I found all of these at Fine Arts America. Seriously, how adorable are these?

additional artwork

On to the wall tapestry. It is super affordable and comes in multiple sizes. I chose the biggest one, which is 5’11 x 7’7″. It’s fabric and it is sagging in the middle. I am thinking that you can use really strong industrial type double sided tape along the edges to secure it to the wall it won’t sag. You could also build a frame out of 1x2s if you are handy. Oh! I wanted to also mention that there are a ton of design options at this website, so if you’re not crazy about this version, I’m sure that you could find one that you love. 

Boys Room Tapestry

I would like to mention that if you have younger boys, the desk is optional, I know it’s not suited for a child under eight-ish. It’s not my style to design a room with primary colors and cartoons. I like to build rooms that can easily transition into teen years and adulthood with pieces that are timeless and classic. But, back to the desk. I had this desk several years ago. It’s really inexpensive – laminate over pressed board, but it works. The drawer is shallow, it won’t hold much, but it’s an affordable desk.

boys room desk walnut

The desk chair is a mid century modern style. I chose it because it’s both masculine and trendy.

Boys Room chair

I have to admit something about the bedding. I don’t like the color, but I searched and searched for something a little brighter of a green or blue to match the colors in the wall tapestry, and I couldn’t find it. This sage green was the best that I could do. Maybe you could find a brighter color at a local retailer.  

boys bedding

For the curtains I chose colors that were pulled from the wall tapestry.

Boys Room curtains

Here are the bed variations. The first one comes in twin and full size, and it has storage underneath, plus a built in headboard. The twin is currently priced at $226, and the full is $250. That includes the $30 delivery charge.

boys bed with storage

The next options are bunk beds. They come in twin size and full size if your boys are older. The twin set is $179, and the full set is $420.

boys bunk beds

Here is the triple bunk bed and it can be separated into 3 beds, which is nice. It’s $400.

boys triple bunk bed

I chose the nightstands based on their price and because they have plenty of storage.

Boys Room nightstand

The dresser is also affordable and has a ton of storage.

Boys Room dresser

The poufs are just fun additional seating.

Boys Room poufs

The lamp is just a simple masculine style that’s perfect for a boys room.

Boys Room lamp

The area rug is optional. If you have hard surface flooring, it’s a nice way to soften the space. I chose a dark color to hide stains.

Boys Room area rug

This should give you everything you need to decorate a boy’s room. As always, the prices will change. A lot of the items were on sale when I wrote this post,and I’ve found that they go up and down in price. I  leave the prices as they are so you’ll know whether you should wait for a sale to come back, or if you should buy it now because it’s on sale. When I choose pieces, I always choose the highest rated with the best price, so if you see it for less than I’ve listed it for, it’s usually a good deal. There may be some taxes and shipping charges that I didn’t see, and I’ve rounded up on all of the total cost estimates for each option just to be safe. 

I will check the links to make sure that they haven’t gone bad and update them if they have, but if you catch one before I do, please gently comment and I will fix it. Until next time.

Big hug,


The Checklist with Pricing and Links. 

Bear Artwork $20

Squirrel Artwork $25

16″ x 24″ Frames $24 each, 2 = $48

Forest Wall Tapestry $21

Curtain Set in Teal or Gray $26

Curtain Rod $15

Gray Area Rug 6’7″ x 9’6″ $142

Olive or Teal Poufs $115 each, 2 = $230

Table Lamp $50 each, 2 = $100

Nightstand $79 each, 2 = $158

Wood and Black Swivel Chair $81

Desk $50

Dresser $249

Door Mirror $15

Twin Bed with Storage $196

Full Bed with Storage $220

Twin Mattress $149

Full Mattress $189

Twin Bunk Bed $179

Full Bunk Bed $420

Triple Twin Bunk Bed $400

Twin Bedding in a Bag $39

Full Bedding in a Bag Set $57

Total Costs For Each Option

Bedroom for 1 $1,500 Includes twin bed with storage, one pouf, two nightstands, 2 lamps, desk, swivel chair, bedding, all of the wall art, mattress, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 1 with a full size bed = $1,600 Includes full bed with storage, one pouf, two nightstands, 2 lamps, desk, swivel chair, bedding, all of the wall art, mattress, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 2 $1,800 Includes twin bunk bed, 2 poufs, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 2 lamps, all the wall art, mattresses, bedding and accessories. I didn’t include the nightstands, because the top bunk can’t reach a nightstand.

Bedroom for 2 with the full size bunk bed = $2,200 Includes 2 poufs, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 2 lamps, all the wall art, mattresses, bedding and accessories. I didn’t include the nightstands, because the top bunk can’t reach a nightstand.

Bedroom for 2 with the twin size beds with storage underneath = $2,300 Includes 2 nightstands, 2 poufs, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 2 lamps, all the wall art, mattresses, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 2 with 2 full size beds with storage underneath = $2,400 Includes 2 nightstands, 2 poufs, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 2 lamps, all the wall art, mattresses, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 3 $2,600 Includes triple bunk bed, 3 desks, 3 lamps, 3 swivel chairs, 3 poufs, all of the artwork, mattresses, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 4 $2,600 Includes 2 twin bunk beds, 2 desks, 2 lamps, 2 swivel chairs, 2 poufs, all of the artwork, mattresses, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 5 $3,200 Includes 1 twin bunk bed, 1 triple bunkbed, 2 desks, 2 lamps, 2 swivel chairs, 3 poufs, all of the artwork, mattresses, bedding and accessories.

Bedroom for 6 $2,800 This set up can fit into a 9.5′ x 9.5′ bedroom. Includes 2 triple bunk beds, 1 nightstand, 1 lamp, 1 dresser, all of the artwork, mattresses, bedding and accessories. 

Girl’s Room Design Sleeps 1-6

Girls Purple Room

December 11, 2017

Hey there! Thank you for checking out this post. This is one of many designs that I’ve put together with the hope of making it easier for you to decorate your home.

This design is for a girl’s room, and with every design on our website, I’ve included a Checklist with all of the pricing and the links to buy each piece for you to recreate the same look. It’s not just inspiration and then a “Scavenger Hunt” to find everything that you need. The Checklist will also enable you to buy the pieces gradually over time if you need to.

In this design, I tried to think of all the possibilities, so there are several bed options for you to easily create a girl’s room for one, two, three, up to as many as six. I’ve also included the total costs for 1-6 bed variations below the Checklist. A bedroom for six can be created in a room that is as small as 9.5 feet wide and 9.5 feet long. It’ll be tight, but it can be done.

Make sure that you measure the room carefully. Don’t forget to account for baseboards, and door jams. Consider walkways, and when a door swings open. 

I just wanted to mention that I will be doing a boys version of this room in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for that.

Okay, let’s talk about the design. I used the wall tapestry as my inspiration and I pulled all of the colors from there. Because it is just fabric, you can see that it will sag in the middle if it isn’t properly secured. I’m thinking that you could take heavy duty double stick tape and run it along the edges and stick it to the wall so that it won’t sag. 

girls room wall tapestry

I chose mostly white furniture so that it would be easy to switch the colors of the room. I also like the clean look of white. When you use darker colors for the furniture, it’s easier for the room to look drab and dirty as clothes and toys start spreading out. 

white furniture

Initially, I had a hard time finding purple accessories, but I dug in and finally found some things. I think that the polka-dotted rug is really cute. You can’t see it in the picture, but follow the link and the other photos show that the polka-dots are actually raised a little on the rug, which is adorable in my opinion. I put in the solid purple rug as a second option.purple accessories

I couldn’t believe how perfect the colors of the poufs were for matching the colors in the wall tapestry. Actually, I think that the wall tapestry has so many shades of purple it’s hard to not find a matching shade.

I questioned whether putting in the plants was a good idea, but I decided that this would be a nice way to teach about caring for and nurturing something. Obviously, if they are really young, say between 3-5 years old they could want to mimic you by watering the plants again and again to feel grown up. More than likely you’ll be the one watering the plants. You know what – consider the plants optional.


I chose the circular swivel chairs because they say “young” and “hip”, and what child doesn’t love a good swivel chair? Swivel chairs remind me of when I watched a brother and sister squeezed together on an office chair, spinning around in circles. They were laughing and giggling, until the brother found the lever to raise and lower the chair mid spin. The chair must have been all the way up because when he released the lever, it lowered a lot and it was quick. They both went quiet and the surprised looks on both their faces was really funny. It still makes me smile thinking about the fun they were having in that swivel chair. You know that sound of children’s laughter that makes you smile.

swivel chairs

As always, several items were on sale when I wrote this post, and I can’t guarantee that they still will be the same price when you read this. I will do my best to make sure that none of the links go bad, and I will switch items out as that happens. If you find a bad link before I do, please gently comment and let me know.

There should be free shipping on most of the items, and there could be some taxes, so my totals are approximate. I’ve tried to make sure that it’s a better experience than if you went after this on your own, but you still may hit a couple of snags.

Big hug,


Girl’s Room Checklist – Pricing & Links

Full Bed with Trundle Shown Top Left Just Below Art $206

Twin Bed with Trundle Version Shown Top Left $166

Twin Daybed with Trundle Shown Bottom Left $170

Twin Bunk Bed Shown Bottom Second From the Left $209

Full Size Bunk Bed Shown Bottom Second From the Right $336

Twin Triple Bunk Bed $390

Twin Mattress $149

Full Mattress $189

Twin Comforter & Sham Set $32

Full Size Bedding Shown $29

Daybed Bedding $60

Rose Artwork 18×24 $62

Dandelion Artwork 24×18 $40

Artwork Frames 18×24 $19 each, 2 = $38

Wall Tapestry $18

Set of Curtains $26

Curtain Rod $10

Lavender Pillow Set $15

Fuchsia Velvet Pillow $9

Polka-Dot Area Rug 5×7 $145

Purple Area Rug $235

Purple & Magenta Pink Poufs $115 each, $230

Purple Glass Lamp $101 each, 2 = $202

Nightstand $79 each, 2 = $158

Dresser $249

Desk $50

Swivel Chair $81

Diamond Shape Decorative Mirror $25

Door Mirror $15

Orchid Plant $11

Leafy Plant $17

Self Watering Planter $7, 2 = $14

Additional Options 

twin bedframe

Twin Bed Frame 18″ High with Storage Underneath $89

twin headboard

Twin Headboard $70

twin trundleTwin Trundle $82

full size bedframe

Full Bed Frame 18″ High with Storage Underneath $100

full size headboard

Full Size Headboard $88

Total Costs

Sleeps 1-2 $2,000 Includes twin bed with built in headboard and trundle (shown top left), 2 nightstands, dresser, desk, swivel chair, 2 lamps, 2 poufs, 2 mattresses, bedding, artwork, and accessories.

Sleeps 1-2 $2,100 Includes full size bed with built in headboard and trundle (shown top left), 2 nightstands, dresser, desk, swivel chair, 2 lamps, 2 poufs, 2 mattresses, bedding, artwork, and accessories.

Sleeps 1-2 $2,100 Includes daybed with trundle bed (shown bottom left) 2 nightstands, dresser, desk, swivel chair, 2 lamps, 2 poufs, 2 mattresses, bedding, artwork, and accessories.

Sleeps 2 $2,200 Includes twin bunk bed, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 2 lamps, 2 poufs, 1 dresser, 2 twin mattresses, 2 twin sets of bedding, all of the artwork, accessories, and the polka-dot area rug.  I included 2 desks instead of 2 nightstands because it seems weird to me when the top bunk can’t reach their nightstand.

Sleeps 2 $2,600 Includes full size bunk bed,  2 desks, 2 lamps, 2 poufs, 2 dressers, 2 swivel chairs. 2 full size mattresses, 2 full size sets of bedding, all the artwork, accessories, and the solid purple area rug. I didn’t include the nightstands for this one.

Sleeps 3 $2,800 Includes triple bunk bed, 3 desks, 3 lamps, 3 poufs, 1 dresser, 3 twin mattresses, 3 twin sets of bedding, 3 swivel chairs, all of the artwork, accessories, and the polka-dot area rug.

Sleeps 4 $2,800 Includes 2 twin bunk beds, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 2 lamps, 2 poufs, 1 dresser, 4 twin mattresses, 4 twin sets of bedding, all of the artwork, accessories, and the polka-dot area rug.

Sleeps 5 $3,700 Includes twin bunk bed, and triple twin bunk bed, 2 desks, 2 swivel chairs, 3 poufs, solid purple area rug, 5 mattresses, 5 sets of bedding, all of the artwork and accessories.

Sleeps 6 $3,400 Includes 2 triple twin bunk beds, 1 nightstand, 1 dresser, 2 poufs, 6 mattresses, 6 sets of twin bedding, all of the artwork, accessories, and the solid purple area rug. I put this one together with the idea that the room is small, so I have just one nightstand in between the two bunk beds that would be on opposite walls. You could save a little money if you switch the solid purple rug with the smaller polka-dot rug. I put in the purple because it’s darker, and I thought with 6 girls, it would hide spills better.

Side Note: There are several more ways to put this room together, but I think that I gave you enough ideas to get you started. Be sure to measure the room accounting for baseboards, and check dimensions of the furniture to be sure everything fits.

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Paris Inspired Bedroom For Under $2,000

The Parisienne Bedroom for under $2,000! The total for all of the pieces shown came to $1,921 before any taxes. All of the pieces shown are available for you to recreate this design in your home. The budget includes the bed, the mattress and the bedding. If you already have a mattress and frame, the total cost will be even less. The Checklist with pricing and the links to each piece is below.

Paris Bedroom 2

Let me tell you about the design. The artwork that is in the middle of the three prints is the inspiration for the room. Everything in the room ties back to the artwork. 


The headboard is made with a white vinyl. I like it because it’s easy to clean. Have you ever had dust build up along the top edge of the headboard? It’s hard to clean off of fabric and over time it’ll become discolored. So vinyl it is. There is also a solid navy version that is made with fabric I think if you really prefer fabric. 


The bed frame is 18 inches high so you can fit 30 gallon storage bins under the bed. There is a special longer bedskirt that goes with the frame and you don’t need a boxspring, just a mattress. I have the bedskirt, and it has 4 clips that hold the skirt to the frame at the corners. Full disclosure, the skirt sags in between the clips. I fixed this by using those large metal clips for holding documents together. 1/2 inch-3/4 inch thick binder clips will work to keep the skirt from sagging in the middle. One more thing, the bed frame doesn’t squeak when you move around. 


 If you already have a mattress that you love, you can skip this paragraph. The mattress that I chose is really comfortable, it has great reviews and it’s very affordable.  

The bedding shown is only available in twin, full and queen, in case you already have a king size bed – the design plan is ruined! Just kidding. I’ve include a king size bedding set in the checklist for you.


These were the most affordable nightstands that I could find that were substantial enough for a queen or king size bed. A common mistake that people make is having a nightstand that is too small for the bed. This one is the right size and it has tons of storage. 


The overall width of the nightstands and the bed equal 114 inches, but let’s say 118-120 inches wide (10 feet) so you have room in between the nightstand and the bed for the comforter to tuck between. Make sure that you have a wall long enough in your bedroom.

The dresser has similar details to the nightstands, but it isn’t too matchy, matchy. I personally would change out the knobs for something crystal and feminine. I know Hobby Lobby has a great selection of knobs if you have a store close to you. I think Target also has crystal knobs that they sell in a pack. 


The curtains are very feminine, and they’re affordable. I’ve included a link for curtain rods too in the Checklist. 

ruffle curtains

Double check the height of windows too. Most curtains are 84 inches in length. If your windows are taller than that, you’ll need to search for longer ones.

The full length mirror and the wall mirror are both from Kirklands. They have great prices, and sales, and coupons. If you sign up for their emails, you can get additional discounts. I’m not getting anything to tell you that, it’s just been my experience. 

full length mirror

Wall Mirror

So the bench ties in with the blues in the artwork and provides a place for you to sit other than the bed. I’ve also included additional seating with a white vinyl chair that matches the headboard. If your bedroom is on the small side, you can choose one of these instead of both. 

benchChair 2


The lamps are just sweet and petite, and perfect for the room.


The final element in the room would be paint. I pulled two colors from the artwork. The lighter pink color is a perfect compliment to the style of the room. The darker navy would be a very bold choice. You could do a focal wall in the navy, which would be the wall that the headboard goes up against. The white headboard would really pop with the navy wall behind it. If the navy is too much, you could just do a couple of navy accessories. If you have trouble finding exactly what you are looking for, maybe consider finding accessories that you can paint navy. 

paint colors

That’s everything. The checklist is below. I will continue to check the links to make sure that they don’t become invalid. If you notice a bad link before I do, please gently comment, and I’ll fix it right away. Everything should have free shipping, or free ship to store for you to pick up. I hope this helps make decorating your home a little easier. Until next time. 

Big hug,


Parisienne Bedroom Checklist

  1. Queen Size Foam Mattress $198
  2. Queen Size Bed Frame with Storage $110
  3. Queen Size Headboard $166
  4. Queen Size Comforter & Shams $65
  5. King Size Comforter & Shams $80
  6. Queen or King Sheet Set $17
  7. Queen Size Bedskirt for 18 inch Frame $18
  8. 2 Nightstands $183 each = $366
  9. Dresser $340
  10. 2 Lamps $40 each = $80
  11. Tufted Bench $130
  12. Free Standing Mirror $80
  13. Wall Mirror $60
  14. 1 of 3 Artwork $30
  15. 2 of 3 Artwork $30
  16. 3 of 3 Artwork $30
  17. Artwork Frames 2 Sets of 2, $14 each = $28
  18. Chair $87
  19. Ruffle Curtains 2 @ $33 each = $66
  20. Variety of Curtain Rods to choose from $15-$20 each

Total = $1,921