Dining Chairs $100 or Less

Hello, I’m so happy that you’re here. Here is a little dining chair inspiration for you. Each chair is $100 or less. I hope this helps you find the perfect dining chairs for your home.

All of the links for where to buy are in a numbered list below the photos. As always, I do my best to make sure all of the links stay active, please comment if you find a bad link before I do and I will fix it. If the prices change, I will leave them as I found them so you will know whether to wait for a sale, or to buy right away if it’s less.

Each chair should have good reviews.  Occasionally, I will find a great looking chair without any reviews, and that could change so be careful when purchasing, and check the return policy. They should all have free shipping or free ship to store. Check for discounts, a lot of the websites offer discounts when you sign up for emails.

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Under 100 Dining Chairs 2

Links for where to buy are below each photo.

1. DC

1. $99



2. DC.png

2. $100



3. DC.png

3. $75-100



4. DC

4. $100



5. DC.png

5. $72-86



6. DC.png

6. $80-90



7. DC.png

7. $99



8. DC.png

8. $95



9. DC

9. $85



10. DC.png

10. $150 for 2



11. DC.png

11. $95



12. DC.png

12. $76 for 2



13. DC.png

13. $88 for 2



14. DC.png

14. $Set of 4 $170



15. DC.png

15. $90



16. DC.png

16. $95



17. DC.png

17. 2 For $88



18, DC.png

18. 2 For $68



19. DC.png

19. $85


French Country Dining Room for Under $2,700

french country dining room

December 20, 2018 Hello again. Here is a French Country Dining Room Design that you can recreate by using the Checklist below that includes all of the links for where to buy each piece.  

I really like this style. I could see myself living in a French Country style home, even though I’ve always been partial to Coastal Design themes that remind me of my home town near the beach. French Country is very romantic, soothing, casual and comfortable, yet classic.

As usual, all of the pricing and links to buy everything that you see in the photo collage is down below, so that you can design your own dining room with the same pieces shown. Buying the pieces shown should cost you under $3,000. There are a couple of options for several of the pieces, and when I added up the lowest price options, the total was under $2,700. 

Let me start with the infrastructure of French Country. Here is a list of key pieces along with the style you’re going for. You’ll be able to see these qualities in all of the pieces shown in the photo.

Furniture – Distressed, Antiqued, French Style, Soft, Tufted, Muted

Artwork – Soft, Romantic, Botanical, Subtle

Mirror – Antiqued, Ornate, Distressed, French Style

Lighting – Distressed, Ornate, Romantic, Antiqued

Curtains – Muted, Romantic, Jute, Linen, Cotton, Burlap

Accessories – Candlesticks, Candle Sconces, Topiaries, Glass, Fruit

Paint Color – Muted, Neutrals

I chose two different dining tables to go in either a small or large space. The round table is 48″ in diameter and will seat 4-6, and the rectangular table is 96″ x 40″ and will seat 6-8. Make sure to leave around 36 inches around the sides of the table for room to walk around it. I have 27 inches around my table, and with the chairs pushed in, I feel like it’s a little tight. 

french dining tables

For the chairs I chose two different French style chairs, the round back one is a little more feminine, and the more masculine style chair has tufting on the back. I know they are light colored fabrics which will show stains. You can spray them with Scotch Guard spray occasionally, you should be able to find it in the grocery store in the laundry section. I also saw vinyl fabric on the round chairs, and there are darker fabrics on the round chairs as well. I’ll put the links below in the Checklist. 

french dining chairs

The sideboard cabinets that I chose are both quite ornate. When I looked for sideboards that were less ornate, I kept finding ones that were all country and no French, and if I did find something French that wasn’t ornate, they were really expensive. So, if you have the budget for it, and you prefer something less ornate, take a look around. The one on the left has mirrored door fronts. It’s $700 at Kirklands, but I wanted to say that Kirklands always has great sales or coupons to use. Today they have 30% off one item, so the sideboard would be $490 plus tax. Don’t forget to measure to make sure everything will fit in your space. 


The mirror is clearly French and antiqued. I found a couple of mirrors that were distressed white, but the lighter color made them fade into the background against the ornate sideboards, so I only chose the gold option. I looked and I looked for another mirror option, but I couldn’t find something under $150. 

french gold mirror

I know, I went super duper romantic with the first set of curtains, but they were so affordable. The khaki option is more neutral. The curtain rods shown are what the curtain retailer used in the photo. I always use Big Lots as my source for curtain rods because they have a good selection and great prices compared to everyone else. 

french curtains

Oh, the paint choices were just colors that I pulled from the distressed wood of the furniture, or the artwork. I’d like to mention here that each time I pulled a color, it was too deep of a hue and I had to lighten each one. You’ll want to stay in the lightest or second lightest hue on a color card for the wall color. It always looks light until you paint the wall with it. If it ends up being too light, you can always take the paint back to the store and ask them to add color, but you can’t take color away if you go too dark.

french paint options

The chandelier is optional, in case you live in an apartment and don’t want to go to the trouble of installing it. I chose three chandeliers in different sizes and looks. They all have an antiqued style to them, but they’re still very different.

french chandeliers

The artwork is all from sellers on Etsy. One is digital, and you will have to find a printer. I found an online printer that prints to wood, so you won’t need a frame if you go that route.

french art

The accessories are all about romance. The candle holders, the sconces, the glass jars, pitcher, and topiaries are little details to catch the eye. You can add flowers to the pitcher and fruit inside the jars. Let me just say that the middle and the right glass jars are from Michaels. They have those 40% off one item coupons, so be sure to use those. You can sign up for emails and get a discount off your first order too with several of the online retailers listed, so don’t miss out on those discounts. 

french accessories

I’ve used artificial green apples from the dollar store in the medium size glass jar in the past, and it was cute. I will say that the last time that I was at the dollar store, I checked out their faux apple selection and the green apples had freckles on them? Not sure whose idea that was, I’ve never seen green apples with freckles, have you? They did have those artificial bunches of grapes though. They’re romantic. 

artificial fruit

I hope that this will help make putting a French Country dining room in your home a little easier. As always, I will try my best to make sure that the links haven’t gone bad, and I will replace them if they do. If you happen to notice a bad link before me, please gently let me know in the comment. Pricing may change, and the majority of these items have free shipping, but some may have tax. All the possibilities, you should still be able to come in under $3,000. 

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Close Up Peony Artwork $76

Peonies Artwork Digital File $6

Set of 6, 8″ x 10″ Botanical Art Prints $75

8×10 Wood Frames $4 each, 6 = $24

48″ Round Dining Table $562

8’x3.5′ Rectangular Dining Table $613

Round Back Dining Chairs $200 for 2, 6 = $600

Tufted Back Dining Chairs $2 for $293, 6 = $879

Gold Mirror $122

Gray Sideboard $543

Mirror Front Sideboard $700 ($490 with current 30% discount code)

Ruffle Detail Curtains $16 each, 2 = $32

Linen Look Curtains $40 each, 2 = $80

Wood Tone Table Lamp $20 each, 2 = $40

Distressed Table Lamp $111 each, 2 = $222

Rectangular Gold Sconce $22 each, 2 = $44

Oval Sconce $11 each, 2 = $22

Curtain Rods $15-20

Small Cage Look Chandelier $290

Distressed Wrought Iron Chandelier $350

Distressed Wood Chandelier $280

White Pitcher $14

Mercury Glass Candlesticks 3 for $16

Distressed Wood Candle Holder Set of 2 $48

The candles holders above were out of stock when I checked, here is an alternative below.

Candle Holders Option 2 $49

Topiary Set of 3 $40

1 Gallon Glass Jar $10

Decorative Glass Jar Medium $20

Decorative Glass Jar Tall $40

Artificial Green Apples Set of 6 $7

Optional Dining Chair with Darker Fabric $136 each, 6 = $816

Dining Room With Seating For Six For Under $500

$500 Dining Room 2.png

Hello again. If you are on a really tight budget, I found some really affordable options to create a lovely dining room without maxing out your credit card.

This dining room has seating for six, with an extendable table that can be compact for 4 chairs or elongated for 6 chairs, and I even managed to have enough left over for 1 piece of artwork and a mirror. The Checklist with all the pricing and links for where to buy each piece is down below.

I can’t believe I was able to do seating for 6 for under $500. I thought maybe I could get 4 chairs, but not 6. But I found these chairs. They’re a phenomenal deal at 2 for $77, and they also come in black or red. Please don’t buy the black or brown chairs. EVERYONE buys the black or brown chairs. Live a little – add color. They’re vinyl, so you don’t have to worry about staining them either. They’re perfect for children.

Here art the art options. I chose  these because of how well they matched the colors of the dining chairs. There are countless other art prints to choose from, so if you want to look around for yourself, the link in the Checklist will bring you to the website where you can search thousands of prints.

The artwork options are poster prints that you can put into frames. I put in 6 options that come in either 18 x 24 inches or 24 x 36 inches. I’ve also included links to inexpensive frames for the posters. You can always click an artwork link and search for a different piece of artwork on the website if you’d like. There are countless options to find something that you love, but just make sure you stay with 18 x 24 or 24 x 36 sizes because the frames get expensive for the 24 x 32 sizes.





Let me show you the chair colors.




Let me tell you about the table. It has leaves to extend the table, so you have a couple different table length options. Full disclosure, the description of the table says that it can seat 4 to 8 people. If you look closely at the photos on the website the chairs look very narrow and the people on the long ends are going to be straddling table legs. That’s not comfortable, so let’s just say that the table seats up to six so your guests won’t hate you. The table comes in 3 colors, I’m not sure if the natural wood version is sealed or if you can paint it. You could sand it down and paint it regardless, so that’s an option if you want to customize it. I chose the black version because it matches the chair legs.

dining table 2dining table 1dining table 3

If you can imagine the variations in color options…The green chairs with the oak tree art. The blue chairs with the dock art, the palm tree art, or the flower forest art. The white chairs with the dock art, the Paris art, or the face art. Here are a few examples of the chairs matched with the art for you to get a better visual.

Green 500 Dining 1

Green 500 Dining 2

Blue 500 Dining 3

Blue 500 Dining 2

Blue 500 Dining 1

White 500 Dining 4

White 500 Dining 3

White 500 Dining 1

Red 500 Dining 1

Red 500 Dining 2

The other thing that I wanted to mention is that this dining room will coordinate with the Coastal Living Room Design for $500 by choosing the ocean/beach theme artwork, along with the blue or white chairs. That’s 2 rooms for under $1,000.

All in, if you bought the most expensive artwork with the most expensive frame, your total would be $487, not including any taxes or shipping charges, and you may not have to pay taxes on a few of these, depending on where you live. The website for the chairs offers 15% off if you sign up for emails, so that will help a lot.

The table should fit in the smallest of spaces, but double check the measurements of your space. You’ll want to have room to walk around the table as well, so add 24 inches on each side. Any smaller and it will be cramped.

As always, I will keep the links updated, and if you find a bad link before I do, please leave a gentle comment, and I’ll fix it. When I notice that the prices have changed, I will leave the original price because I want you to know whether to wait for a sale if it’s higher, or buy it right away if it’s lower. You can also leave a comment and let me know if you’d like me to design a specific type of room. I love a challenge, so don’t be shy. Please like and share and comment too. Until next time!

Big hug,



Dining Room Checklist

1. Dining Chairs 2 for $77, 4 = $154, 6 = $231

2. Dining Table Extendable $169

3. Mirror $20

4. Artwork Option 1 $30

5. Artwork Option 2 $20

6. Artwork Option 3 $30

7. Artwork Option 4 $5

8. Artwork Option 5 $40

9. Artwork Option 6 $20

10. 18 x 24 Frame $19

11. 24 x 36 Frame $20